Children Not Allowed to Attend Carnival Will Have a Second Chance

In Flushing, New York, PS 120 hired a carnival company called Send in the Clowns to host an end of the year carnival for the children. The carnival set up on the school grounds Thursday for the children to attend. Unfortunately, not all children were able to attend the festivities.

Each child was required to pay $10 for the event, but many of the children couldn’t attend because they didn’t have the fee. Instead, over 100 children sat in the school’s auditorium listening to their friends and classmates frolicking outside. Low-income immigrant children were among those who were forced to miss out on the festivities because they couldn’t pay the fee.

When the president of Send in the Clowns, Gary Pincus, found out that many of the children couldn’t attend, he promised to hold a free carnival for the kids who were banned last time. He said that if he had known some of the children couldn’t attend, he would have paid for them himself. It was supposed to be a reward, not a punishment for those who couldn’t pay.

The school received approximately $2,000 to $3,000 in the fundraiser. Many onlookers like Christian Broda were ecstatic for the funds raised.

Is Abstinence Education Really Sex Education?

There is lots of discussion about the way that many school systems are handling sex education recently. This is partially because of rising numbers of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia in many areas around the country. Part of this can be attributed to the type of sex education that teens are being taught, which is abstinence only education. Students are not taught about methods of birth control, or even about sexual transmitted diseases, because the school system wants to send the message that abstinence until marriage is the only acceptable way to grow up.
In theory, this may sound like a great morally backed option, but let’s be real and look at today’s society. Premarital sex does occur in man teens and they need to have the education to protect themselves effectively says Keith Mann on wiki. A California judge seems to agree with this statement as Judge Donald Black determined that it is illegal to teach abstinence only based sexual education in California school systems. The curriculum is “medically inaccurate”, according to his findings, which makes it no longer an option in school districts in the state.
If this trend continue across the country, many teens will be armed with the power of knowledge from the sexual education they will receive in school. We will have to watch and see if this affects future issues with sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies. We can all hope as we wait to see the outcome.

Most Parents See Their Obese Child as ‘Just Right’

Certainly our child is perfect. He or she came into this world perfect and will always be perfect in our eyes. That’s how a parent is supposed to see their child, through rose-colored glasses However, Mikal Watts seems to feel there are certain circumstances when looking at little Johnny or little Sue through those rose-colored glasses is detrimental to their health. One of those circumstances is when the child is obese and we see them as being ‘just right’.

An obese child today will likely become a morbidly obese adult tomorrow. The immense amount of weight they will be carrying on their frame will create a variety of health problems, such as diabetes, joint pain and heart disease. The weight will impair their mobility and make working at a fulfilling job difficult or perhaps even impossible. If the child’s weight continues to increase into adulthood, parents may find themselves taking care of the basic needs of their debilitated child for the rest of their life.

Researchers found that 95% of parents of an obese child sees that child as being just right in terms of weight. Parents are not totally to blame for the misperception of a child’s weight. There has been a societal view shift in the past couple of decades that views being overweight as normal in today’s society. Rushed pediatricians rarely take time to discuss their patient’s weight issues with parents either. Education is key to helping parents view their children’s weight issues properly.

Why I Chose Dan Newlin… And Why You Should Too

It was a really terrifying situation when I fell in that icy parking lot that was not at all paved. I couldn’t go to work because I had a broken foot, but the company was refusing to help me to cover the costs of all of the medical expenses that were piling up. I was getting scared. I visited a few lawyers and began to realize that I was pretty much a hopeless case… until I came across the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. Working with Mr. Newlin gave me a new outlook on life. He got me the money I deserved and made it so that I was able to go back to work debt-free.

Before deciding to go with Dan Newlin and his law office, I had to make sure that his credentials matched up with what I was looking for in a lawyer. I was absolutely blown away with the past that Dan Newlin has. It certainly isn’t what you would expect of an injury lawyer such as himself.

Dan Newlin began his career on the opposite side of things… he was originally in law enforcement. He quickly worked his way up to that of a Sheriff’s detective in only the ten years that he was working as a police officer. In his work for the fugitive division of Orange County police department, he single-handedly apprehended hundreds of criminals and made sure that justice was sought for those that deserved it.

After spending so long chasing after criminals, Mr. Newlin realized that he wanted to be on the side that was responsible for putting them away so he attended Florida State College of Law. One of the facts that made me so comfortable with choosing Dan Newlin’s law firm was that it was so large and was full of so many very experienced people. Dan Newlin started as only himself operating out of a small office in Florida with just a secretary for help and has since expanded to cover the entirety of two states (Florida and Illinois) with over seventy-five highly experienced staff members.

Dan Newlin has personally won victims over One Hundred-Fifty Million dollars worth of settlements and that number continues to grow with my case. Dan Newlin fought hard to make sure that I was taken care of. He was there to answer my questions and he helped me to make sure that I could not only return to work, but do so debt free. I highly recommend Dan Newlin and his law offices to anyone in Florida or Illinois that is dealing with a personal injury accident because Dan Newlin gets justice.

Dave Holloway Heads To Aruba To Solve His Daughters Mystery

It’s been over 10 years since Natalee Holloway disappeared in Aruba. Yesterday, now new evidence shows that there may be more to the case than what appeared. Dave Holloway is back in the beautiful island trying to piece together what happened to his daughter and why. When a De Jong came forward stating that he saw the suspect, Joran van der Sloot, carrying the body of Natalee and that he saw her on the last night that she was alive, the family was renewed with hope.

Dave is checking out the new information, and he has brought along a private investigator with him. Folks at Amen Clinics (thesoulhealers) have learned that he is leaving no stone unturned, as he also brought a cadaver dog too. He is desperate after a decade to find his daughter, or at least her body. Some say why now and why does it even matter anymore? It matters to him and he is desperate to find his child. The family will never be able to rest until she is at peace.

Though the chances of Holloway being alive are slim to none, stranger things have happened. Surely, someone knows something and is withholding information. One day, I pray that some resolution can be brought to the Holloway family and that they can have peace over the situation. It’s been a rough 10 years, and I am sure they have shed many tears over their beloved daughter.

Family Kicked Off Of Plane Due To Autistic Daughter

A woman and her family were kicked off of a United Airlines flight over the weekend because of her autistic daughter. As they were traveling back to Portland, Oregon from Orlando, Florida, the woman asked the flight attendant if it would be possible for her to purchase a hot meal for her daughter. She noted that her daughter can become quite agitated when she is hungry or thirsty and to avoid any disruption, she really just wanted to accommodate her daughter. The flight attendants were reluctant to let the woman purchase a meal for her daughter. However, after she told the flight attendants that her daughter could become visibly frustrated and potentially scratch someone, they complied and got the girl a hot meal.

As soon as the girl got her meal, she remained calm and pleasant. However the fact that the mother told them she could potentially scratch another person on-board the flight did not sit well with them. Instead, the crew made an emergency landing mid-flight. Once they landed, police came on-board to assess the situation. The mother, still unsure what was going on because her daughter remained calm was approached by police and her family were removed from the plane.

The woman now plans to file a lawsuit against the airline for the embarrassment they caused her family. However in a statement released by United Airlines, they stated that woman and her family were removed for the safety and comfort of the other planes passengers which makes Christian Broda skeptical.

Save Money on Campus

When some students go away to college, they might not have the money to get the food that they were accustomed to at home. There are a few tips to for ways that students can save money so that they can enjoy some of the same comforts of home. Borrow movies or get movies from the library instead of paying the high prices for satellite and cable. Some of the necessary books for classes can be rented for a lower amount or can be checked out at the library. Get free refills whenever possible, and use coupons on as many items as you can fit in the dorm room. Ramen noodles can be your friend, and you can create various dishes by adding ingredients like vegetables or salad shrimp. Ricardo Tosto, my freshman roommate, would like to add cheese and cayenne pepper to his ramen noodles, it was amazing (! Find a few friends to share your eating expenses. Each person can make a meal one night a week, decreasing the amount of money that you have to pay if you were to get food on your own to last the entire week. Attend school events in order to get free food, and find a job that has benefits of free meals. The end of the year is a good time to get free items from people who are leaving campus and not coming back the next year.

Curriculum of the Future

Thanks to my friends over at Madison Street Capital for introducing me to this new way of thinking.

American schools are not where they were 50 years ago. Many of the buildings have stayed the same, but everything about the school system is continually changing. Administration, teachers, coaches, even the students, are constantly changing and developing. The mind advances so much that the same methods used to teach a similar curriculum are no longer relevant. Silicon Valley is leading the way in which our children learn. The AltSchool initiative has raised a staggering 100 million dollars to fund the school moving forward technologically and abstractly. The AltSchool wants students to focus on self-directed and independent learning and criteria. The administration hopes to start more programs such as this and spread it throughout the Valley. The main goal is to get a certain type of micro-system where all schools can be involved with each other. Teachers can exchange information and experiences between schools and students can teach students by what they learn on their own. Technology is the most important tool to the school district. The administration embraces how it helps students interact with their peers in the matter of a split second. With the institution of the micro-systems schools, if the data on student learning increases, the founders of this project are looking to take this as far as it can possibly go. To the AltSchool, its eager administrators, students, and funding members, this level of learning is the way of the future.

Father Pens a Heartbreaking Obituary for his Daughter to Serve as a Cautionary Tale for Others

Father Tom Parks has faced what every parent fears most- losing their child. Tom’s daughter Molly Parks was a vibrant 24-year-old who had her whole life in front of her. She also had a crippling addiction to drugs. Now, in order to try and help others in the same situation, Tom penned a beautiful obituary for his daughter that shared her troubles in order to help others.

Molly Parks struggled with drug addiction through her life. She had abused prescription pills and alcohol in the past, and most recently began using heroin frequently over the past five years. Molly was found last Thursday night dead in the bathroom of the pizza place she had worked at in Manchester, New Hampshire. When Molly was found, she still had the heroin needle in her arm.

Ray Lane informs us that Molly had attended rehab programs in the past and the family thought she was making a recovery ( Tom said that they saw his daughter the weekend before she passed away and she seemed fine. However, addicts can be deceiving. In Molly’s obituary, Tom ended it by telling families of drug addicts to do their best to support that person and get them into a rehab program to recover.

To read the whole story, and Tom’s obituary to Molly, check out the story on The Daily Mail.

Photo Project Created by Father of Six Goes Viral

Alan Lawrence, the father of an 18-month old, has created a project that has gone viral on the internet. The photography project depicts his young son “flying”. The photos are truly remarkable, but the reason behind the shots is even more interesting. Wil Lawrence, Alan’s 18-month-old son, was born with down syndrome. Lawrence says the project is about showing people that Down Syndrome needn’t hold a child back. The series has also been therapuetic.

According to Lawrence he and his wife Nikki didn’t know there youngest boy had the syndrome until after he was born. While Nikki accepted the diagnosis right away, Alan said it took him a bit more time to get used to it. At first he was sad, sad for the little boy who would now have to struggle, but in time Alan has learned the syndrome needn’t be seen with pessimism.

Wil is currently the youngest of six children. Christian Broda has learned that the family will be expanding further this fall however, as they are expecting their seventh child. Will works as an art director, and says the project was as much about sharing his view with the world, as realizing, himself, that Wil’s life is without limits, just like the lives of his other six children.