FreedomPop Has Made A Big Breakthrough

When people hear of a mobile service that is offered to them for free, they start to get curious about it. They begin to wonder whether the company could really be true, and whether it is something that they should try out for themselves, or not.
Thankfully for FreedomPop, people have become very interested in it because of the free mobile service that they offer.

People have become so interested in this company, in fact, that many people have subscribed to their services. And there are even people who are paying for their services, as well.

FreedomPop didn’t know that they would do as well as they have when they first started out, but the success that they have had has driven them to do even better and bigger things. They are excited to take the $30 million that has recently been invested in them and to use it to go even further with their company. They know that if they could make it as a company that offered free service to its users, that they can now take their company and make it into something that is ever greater.

People have fallen in love with the service that FreedomPop offers them because it is free. Others have seen the company and the vision that it has, and they have invested their money in it. All kinds of people are showing their support of this company, and that has to make the founders proud. It has to make them realize that what they did was right, and that they have made it in the mobile world. Not many new companies are able to make a big breakthrough like FreedomPop has, and the people who made the company what it is today can feel really great about all that they have done.

New York Refuses To Act On Horse Carriage Complaints Of Animal Activists

The issue of horse drawn carriages working in New York has been a source of controversy for many years, largely because the way in which the horses are treated has been questioned by many in New York and across the world. UK activist Keith Mann has been highlighting the plight of working animals for many years and has had similar complaints fall on deaf ears in his home country and around the world. In New York, the question of whether to ban horse drawn carriages and replace them with a series of antique style electric cars has been met with support from celebrities and public figures, including music mogul Russell Simmons.

In the UK the question of how animals are used for work purposes has been a major source of contention for activist Keith Mann, who was deeply affected by an early work experience at a dairy farm. Mann believes his animal activism has been driven out of the love of animals and his own frustration at not being able to complete as much work on behalf of animals as he would like due to government officials pushing issues down the order of priority. Mann stood for election to the British houses of parliament on a ticket based upon animal rights that brought the issue and himself to the attention of the public.

In New York, the problem of horse drawn carriages still operating is a similar source of frustration who feel Mayor De Blasio has failed in an election promise to ban horse carriages in the city on the first day after his election. Horse carriages are seen as an issue as many fear for the health of the horses in the polluted traffic of the city and in the extremes of heat and cold the city often undergoes. Much like the feelings Keith Mann reported of animal rights legislation often being pushed down the order of priority, New Yorkers are seeing the same issues as they seek the banning of horse drawn carriages across the city.

Things That Matter in a Home Business

Businesswomen like Susan McGalla on wikinvest who work from home have been dealing with chaos that a busy home comes with. In order to help them, this information is devised with some insights into how one can avoid mistakes in the future when it comes to organizing a home office.

For women in business, the area in and around a home is a place where they can not only succeed in their passion for work, but provide a caring environment for the family as well. A good home environment will have a huge impact on the success of a woman’s business. To turn this impact into a positive one, one of the most important things to do is to organize it into an efficient tool for the business. This means creating a workspace that is fully functional and at low cost. Home office work area should have all the facilities to perform necessary duties pertaining to the business without unduly disrupting the rest of the household chores. What women need to understand when organizing their homes for business purpose is to clearly define work area and make it separate from other activities. This means making the work area isolated from the personal area, especially if clients are visiting the business. If women are particularly concerned about money, the area should be designed such that the cost doesn’t put the business too deeply in the hole.

If clients are visiting the home office, it is important to consider whether desk, furnishings and other materials inside the office convey the right impressions. Although these items can be as simple as they can be, make sure that they are not distracting to the business image as well. The office equipments should convey the message that the business is serious about serving its clients. Safety is another area that comes into picture when clients are frequently visiting home office. A business visitor may not look for hazards that are a part of the home, but are not found commonly in workplaces. If possible, try to keep personal things in personal areas of the house away from sight. Likewise, aggressive pets should always be kept away from visitors and out of sight.

Converting home into a business requires that the business owner complies with zoning rules. While some localities have no such rules, towns and cities that do have rules prohibit working from home. So, depending on local laws, a business owner may need a home occupation permit or business license to have an office. The cost associated with it is usually a flat fee. For those living in condos or rental properties, it is better to check with the lease agreement to make sure there are no hindrances to running a business.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an expert consultant based in Pittsburgh, PA. She works for The Pittsburgh Steelers as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. Her previous accomplishments include founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and CEO for Wet Seal Inc. She currently lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and two children.

The Many Jobs of Economists

There is much that an economist can do in order to live out their career and in order to help others in the best way. There is much that an economist can learn and then teach. There is much in the world of economists that can be shared with the rest of the world. When an economist is trying to decide just what they will do with their life and just how they will work there is much that they can consider and much that they might choose to do. There are a variety of jobs that are opened to those who are trained in the work of an economist, and each individual needs to decide just what they should be doing and just what is right for them and their gifts.

Some economists choose to write about their industry. These individuals choose to share all that they have learned with the world, and they look to do that through print. These individuals are very helpful to those who are out there and who are hoping to learn. Those who choose to write might write about the upcoming trends that they see coming into play or they might choose to write in another area, but whatever they write will be helpful to those involved in the running of businesses.

Some economists choose to work one on one with a business, helping it to make the decisions that will be right for it and for its future. These individuals prefer to lead without taking the time to write. These individuals may not be interested in writing, or they may simply be more interested in helping in this way.

There are some economists who choose to teach, who want to share all that they know in this way. These individuals choose to help the next generation of economists to know just what they should be doing. These individuals hope to help those who come behind them to be all that they should be. These individuals have a passion for education and they teach those who are willing to learn.

Christian Broda on ireport.cnn is an economist who helps out in a variety of ways. This man has done some writing and he has done other work. Christian Broda is an economist who is there to lead and direct others. He is a good example of all that an economist should be. He is there to show others all that they can be. Christian Broda is a well rounded economist.


Are you thinking about getting a new place? Are you getting tired of your place you have now? Is your landlord becoming a pain to deal with? Before you make the move, there are some things you need to know. These small tips will save you from having to lose out on money, space and time.


This may sound a bit weird to ask, but it is important. Some renters find themselves under mounds of paperwork, preventing them from making a clean break. Do not let this happen to you. Think through your options.

Many of us plan to stay for the long haul. Life somehow gets in the way. You might not be staying the length of your lease, even in your new place in Jersey – New Brunswick luxury apartments. Talk to your landlord prior to signing the lease. Let him know of any possible circumstances that could come up. Tell him/her you will give them a 30-day notice. Get someone to take over your lease, than tell him/her about it. If you make good on the communication right away, your new landlord might just waive some of the potential penalties down the road.


Unless you are a masochist, most of us don’t like a long commute to work. Look for an apartment that is nearest to work. If you don’t have a car, look for one near some sort of public transportation. This will save you so much hassle in the end.


You could be moving into an apartment complex which has some serious parking restrictions. Consider this in your moving options in New Jersey. Will the parking be an issue for you? What about parking for your guests when they come over? Is the space going to be adequate enough?

What about the other renters? Will the other renters be accommodating to you and your guests? Will they cause problems for you? Will this get back to management and cause a problem? Factor all of this in before signing on the dotted-line. Do you really want to live in a complex where another renter gives you problems, just because you parked in the wrong spot? I have been there myself. Learn from this.


When it comes to apartment hunting, you need options. Look to The Aspire. The link is right here

Building a Balanced Canine Diet

Nutritionists and doctors have a hard enough time getting human beings to eat healthy on a consistent basis. So when it comes to taking care of puppies, veterinarians have their work cut out for them. Growing and adult dogs need all the help in the world in order to stay healthy and live a long, fulfilling, and happy life. At the end of the day it comes down to the pet owner to make the decisions and give their puppies the right food to stay healthy. Let’s break down a few aspects of a healthy dog diet and then look at a few brands that can service those needs for your furry companion.

The Core Doggy Diet
Fulfilling all of your dogs needs from a dietary standpoint can be pretty difficult when you might not know what they are. Listed below you can find a quick bullet list of what your dog needs and what you should be looking for when you go to the food section of the pet store. Keep in mind that these are the broad strokes and you should compare them to the back of the bag to make sure that their needs are all being met.

Carbohydrates – Like in humans, puppies need energy in order to keep going and function. Carbs are the quickest way to give them energy.

Fats – In order to have healthy skin, a nice coat, and strong vision you will need to make sure that your dog is getting the appropriate amount of quality fats in their diet. Notice that we said ‘appropriate’. Having a fat loaded diet can also cause issues if they are not being carefully measured.

Proteins – The building blocks of muscle are protein. In most dog food you will find the protein is added in the form of ‘crude protein’. Higher quality brands, like Beneful on purinastore, use actual beef when making their brand of food. In fact, Beneful was the first company to ever actually use beef in their dog products.

Vitamins & Minerals – For a well rounded and healthy diet you need to make sure that your dogs are getting all of the appropriate vitamins and minerals. If you are concerned that they are deficient in certain areas then consult with a veterinarian. Do not, however, try to supplement their diet with vitamin pills. These can be dangerous to your dog unless specially prescribed by a vet.

A Few Top Products
Beneful Original Recipe – This brand of food is perfect for adult dogs because it gives them a complete and well rounded meal full of nutrition. Using quality ingredients, real beef, and actual vitamin enriched vegetables you just can’t beat it when compared to other options.

Beneful IncrediBites – This adult mix is made with little dogs in mind. The smaller morsels are perfect for smaller mouthed pets and the food is easy to chew. The moistened morsels are also a treat to dogs. The recipe includes real beef and vegetables with calcium rich ingredients.

Luxury Shoes and the Paul Evans Man

With the style of New York and the craftsmanship of Italy, the Paul Evans mission is simple: great shoes, no middle man. They make finding your leather shoes style easy and comfortable at a price that won’t knock your socks off. They traveled halfway across the world and back to ensure expert craftsmanship to compliment their timeless designs and the Paul Evans menswear reflects their careful selection.

The company may sound like a lone man, but Paul Evans is actually comprised of two shoe-loving gentlemen. Ben Earley and Evan Fript founded the company in 2012 and officially launched their website complete with e-commerce in August 2013. Early and Fript met at Tulane University and remained in contact after graduation. The idea for Paul Evans was born when both men lamented the lack of affordable luxury shoe options. The duo were already working in finance and the brand started to take shape. After receiving an initial investment from fellow young investors, Paul Evans was able to manufacture their first few factory orders.

In their quest to make a quality luxury shoe line, Early and Fript traveled the globe to search out the best craftsmanship. Six countries later, they landed on the most logical place in the world: Italy. Their site explains how they came to hand-pick the Italian factory saying, “We met with men who know how to make shoes, men whose families have been in the business for generations and who have forgotten more about leather than we’ll ever know. Shoes guys.” These Italian shoe guys are real artisans, producing shoes out of Italian calfskin leather, keeping up with some of the finest luxury brands in the world.

Through savvy Tulane-educated negotiation and deal-making, Paul Evans is able to offer luxury brand level quality at relatively reasonable prices. Before you think Payless-level BOGO deals, the shoes run in the $300-$400 range which is reportedly a steal for the style and quality. Just a few short years after their initial launch, the company is boasting six figures of revenue and continue to add dress shoe options after selling out of some sizes and styles. They have also expanded into the accessories game with dress belts and bags.

The massive appeal of Paul Evans is not just their gorgeous shoes. The young generation is drawn to their Amazon and Zappos-like online-only marketplace complete with free shipping and returns. Also handy are the massive amount of online reviews available to peruse before making a purchase. Be prepared to see Paul Evans shoes on the up and comer businessman, particularly their best selling Van Damme Belgian Loafer, Newman Chukka Boot, and Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford. They’ll be hard to miss.

Dog Food Brands Need to Put Out a Variety of Food Options

When a brand is looking to appeal to the needs of pet owners, that brand needs to put out food that is right for all kinds of dogs. Each of the dog food brands that are out there need to know how to make food that is appropriate for each type of dog that is out there. A dog food brand needs to put out a variety of food options. No two dogs are the same, and dog food brands need to realize that as they put out food for pets. Those who are buying food for their pets are looking for something specific for the needs of their animal, and dog food brands need to realize that.

There are large and small dogs out in the world, and they each need their own kind of food. The bigger dogs of the world need to have food available to them that is made to meet their needs and that is ready for their consumption. Dog food brands need to come out with food that is made for large dogs. The small dogs in the world and the puppies that are out there need to have food created just for them. Each dog food brand needs to come out with a variety of products, so that they can meet the needs of all kinds of dogs.

There are dogs that are dealing with health issues, and dog food brands need to know just how to create food that will help those dogs. Each dog has different needs in regard to their health, and the dog food brands that are out there need to work hard to put together food options that are right for a variety of health issues. There need to be dog food options that are low in fat, and there need to be dog food options that are high in vitamins. There are a variety of needs out there when it comes to the dogs that pet owners have in their lives, and dog food brands need to meet those needs.

Beneful is a dog food brand that has a variety of products available to pet owner. This brand knows that there are dogs of all sizes out there, and they seek to offer food that is appropriate for each of those types of dogs. This is a brand that knows that there are different health issues that dogs are facing today, and they put out food that can help dogs stay healthy. Beneful knows that a dog food brand needs to offer a variety of products in order to succeed, and they seek to do exactly that.

Lime Crime Helps a Person Express Themselves

When someone is putting on makeup, that individual is looking to change up the way that they look. Some choose to wear makeup in order to enhance their natural beauty, while some choose to wear it in order to stand out. There are some who look at makeup as something that needs to be worn every time that they go out and about, and there are some who choose to wear makeup only on special occasions. Lime Crime offers makeup to any makeup lovers, and they provide a variety of makeup types and products, so that everyone can get the kind of product that they want.

When it comes to a brand offering the kind of makeup that individuals would like to use in order to express their personal style and personality, Lime Crime does the job well. This brand offers the kind of makeup that an individual needs when they are looking to express themselves. There are makeup brands out there that only offer the simplest of products, and then there are brands like Lime Crime that offer a variety of complex products that help an individual to get just what they need in order to bring a whole new look to their face.

There are some individuals who look for a variety of colorful options when they are purchasing makeup, and those individuals find what they are looking for when they shop through Lime Crime. Those who are trying to find colorful products will be happy with the kinds of options that Lime Crime has available. There are a variety of products available from this brand, and this is a brand that is not afraid to be colorful in all that they create and all that they offer. This brand is known for offering bold and colorful options to those who are looking to use makeup to help them stand out and be different. Lime Crime wants to help those who are seeking makeup that will change up their looks and help them to be truly different in appearance. Lime Crime is there for those who are in need of colorful makeup options.

For Joseph Bismark, The Business Is The Spiritual


I am a follower of socially responsible business practices. When I make purchasing and investment decisions I want to see not only a strong corporate bottom line but an institution that treats its employees well and gives back to the community. It is only through social responsibility that a business can earn my investment or consumer dollars.

I was excited to read an article on the blog We Don’t Love These Hogues which featured Joseph Bismark, managing director of the Qi Group. Bismark has a unique view which combines business and spirituality. It makes him a model for all business leaders who want to take a more holistic bottom line.

Joseph Bismark’s unique business practices can be traced to his spiritual upbringing. Born in the Philippines, Bismark left a comfortable home life at the age of nine to enter an ashram and live with monks. When he left his spiritual brothers he took their worldview into the business realm. Based on the mantra of “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things” Bismark embodies a form of servant leadership where each employee in his company is treated not as a subordinate but as a visionary.

Bismark founded the corporate responsibility arm of the Qi group, which focuses on environmentally sustainable business practices. Under his leadership the Qi Group has also founded the Quest International University Perak in Malaysia, which focuses on research that will have positive global impact.

Unlike many corporations that pay lip service to social responsibility, the Qi Group under Bismark’s leadership completely integrates business with spirituality, creating institutions that both develop leadership from within and educate others outside the organization.

I am pleased that Joseph Bismark shares his thoughts through his blog Gems of Wisdom. It serves as a regular source of inspiration and has helped me recognize that true leaders are able to combine the business in the spiritual.