Tricks for Dog Treats!

Treats for Tricks!When Benji does a new trick, you are likely to reach for a treat to reward him. Feeding your fur baby PurinaStore Beneful treats may be the healthiest option. Beneful dog treats are made with healthy ingredients that dogs find delicious. Next time you treat your dog for a trick, reach for one of the different varieties of dog treats by Beneful. See,
Healthy Smile Dental Ridges and Twists

Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are healthy treats that come in three varieties each that are suitable for mini breeds to large breeds of dogs. They are all three made with meaty middles along with real parsley accents. Extra calcium is added to these dog treats to help promote healthy teeth and bones. The consumption of both types of Healthy Smile dog treats (ridges and twists) can reduce tartar and plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth, as well as freshen your dog’s breath. The difference between the ridges varieties and the twists are the shape of the treats.

Baked Delights

Beneful Baked Delights come in three different varieties and are an awesome treat to reward dog tricks. These varieties include Heartfuls, Hugs, and Snackers. All three are healthy oven baked dog treats Benji is sure to love and appreciate. The Heartfuls are heart shaped shortcake with an apple and bacon flavored center filling. The Hugs are crispy snacks with a beef and cheese filled centers. The Snackers are crispy treats with soft peanut butter and cheese flavored centers.

Beneful products can be purchased online, as well as at Wal-Mart grocery and pet stores nationwide. The next time you want to tell your dog, “Good boy,” chose to do so by giving him a Beneful brand treat!

Andy Wirth Makes Exciting Announcement About Gondola Coming To Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, two popular ski resorts in Tahoe, have always held a special bond, and it’s getting stronger. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The two resorts have been separated by two ski passes and have two separate cultures, but that began to change back in 2011 when Squaw Valley’s owners purchased Alpine Meadows and united the two into one huge resort.

Even though they are both owned and operated by the same parent company, the two were still separate areas that required visitors to drive from one to the other to be able to use the different slopes, but that is all about to change and you can read more: Andy Wirth Elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings just announced they will be building a gondola that connects the two resorts. The gondola will operate in 3 parts, the bottom of Squaw Valley, up and over the ridge that runs between the two resorts, and down to the base of Alpine Meadows – Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist.

Skiers and snowboarders who frequent the resorts have been dreaming of this moment for decades. There have been rumors for years that it would be happening, but the problem was coming to an agreement with Troy Caldwell, the man who owns the land that sits between the two areas. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

Caldwell owns 460 acres that are known as White Wolf, the top of Squaw’s most popular chairlift. Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth recently was able to reach an agreement with Caldwell and the new gondola will border the western edge of Caldwell’s property then run through some land owned by the U.S. Forest Service.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley, is excited to get the project underway and is continuing to push for more plans to expand the company’s base area village.
Wirth is the long time runner of the resort, as well as an adventurer. He has worked in the hotel and resort industry for 25 years.

He is the recipient of many community service awards as well as professional awards including being recognized as Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA and receiving the Community Five Award.

Andy Wirth suffered a devastating accident in October of 2013. During a routine skydive, the wind blew him into a vineyard where his arm was torn off during the landing. It was surgically reattached, and after much training and therapy, Wirth is back in action and competing in athletic events and enjoying the outdoors.

Maximize Luggage Space on Vacation

Packing for a summer vacation is never easy when there are plenty of items, but a small amount of space available. Fortunately, there are little life hacks that allows the vacationer to maximize the fun without leaving anything. This means no fabulous outfit gets left behind.

Versatility and organization are two key factors when traveling, according to the bloggers at the Clothes Maiden. Also, choose lightweight clothes that are easily rolled or folded. For example, most lightweight dresses can be worn by its self or as a beach cover up. In the evening, after the weather cools, pairing this dress with a blazer turns it into the perfect outfit for a night on the town.

Vacation time is lounging time. While swimsuits are a definite must have on vacation, they are good for more than just swimming. Simply pair a one-piece with a skirt or a pair of shorts for lunch at the local restaurant or a walk through the town. In order to accessorize, don’t forget multi versatile items such as diamond earrings, gold hoops or a favorite ring and necklace. For fun, include a few temporary tattoos.

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Certain sites such as Justfab makes vacation shopping simple by providing shoes, bags and apparel in one place. The process is easy. After taking a quiz, each shopper is given a list of outfit combinations. Afterwards, the shopper can purchase their selections at regular price or join the club of JustFab and receive 50% off the purchase price. In addition to this, first time members will get a pair of shoes for free after purchasing the first pair.

As long as the shopper remains a member, that person will continue to receive their selection at a discount. Through out the life of the membership of JustFab, a monthly fee is deducted from the shopper’s credit or debit card. However, the entire fee is credited to the member’s account. Each shopper has the option to cancel the membership at any time or skip payment for that month. All orders and returns ship for free.

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Diversant Satisfies the Needs of Perspective Employers and Vets

In 1994, John Goullet founded Info Technologies, serving in the position of their CEO. By 2010, he merged his technology company with Diversant, created by Gene Waddy in 2005. The two merged companies became Diversant LLC. Goullet began his IT career as a consultant. John Goullet changed to the staffing department in 1994. By 1999, Info Technologies had grown into a $30 million company. Info Technologies was honored by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 500 fastest growing companies. Goullet was a student at Ursinus College, class of 1983 where he graduated with a degree in information technology. At Diversant LLC, Goullet serves as their principal and chairman.

Diversant LLC has a small and personal staff, headed by Gene C Waddy. Diversant LLC is the largest African American owned information technology solutions company. This company is located in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Jim Yoshimura is the company’s CEO. He brings 30 years of IT experience to Diversant LLC. The company works with such services that include banking, insurance,energy, manufacturers, healthcare providers, and more. Diversant works very hard to make sure all of the Fortune 500 have the right IT staff for their companies. Diversant has a pool of qualified people just waiting to work for a Fortune 500 company. Companies looking to hire qualified personnel can hire directly . Divertsant does all the work because managers and recruiters work to line up senior and middle management level workers. Diversant has a direct line with industry contacts and professional agencies.

Diversant works with veterans who are retiring from the service and looking forward to finding work in civilian employment. Diversant has a STAR program designed to help retrain veterans. The veterans must have a BS or BA from an a credited college. They must have some experience with Micrsoft programs and willing to learn IT skills. Finally, veterans must have an honorable status. One veteran said that he was trying to get into an IT program for 10 years, and he found that Diversant was the only place that could get him employed in an entry level IT position.

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Disinterested in Republican Candidates, Could Kochs Turn to Clinton

It seems that on top of being a media spectacle that has endured nearly a year, and dominated countless news cycles, the Republican race for the presidency isn’t pleasing all its viewers.

In an interview with ABC, billionaire industrialist and frequent political donor Charles Koch was asked about the presidential race and his opinions about the men on the Republican side vying for the candidacy. Known in conservative circles as providing platforms for Republican politicians regardless of the offices they’re running for and legislation the larger party is backing, Charles opinion of the candidates has not thus far sounded anything close to an endorsement. His remarks during the interview have only widened the gap between Charles and the three remaining candidates running.

With an estimated $400 million in the Koch network’s coffers, Charles and his brother David have quite a bit of money they could spread around many of the races taking place across the country and still have quite a bit of money to supplement the general election come November. But with Koch seeing no “role models” on the Republican side, he sees little reason to jump into the race and support anyone.

With this apparent void of leadership in his eyes, Charles was asked if supporting a candidate on the Democratic side would appeal to him in some way. This would be a stretch to even the most casual observer of conservative politics and the money that runs it, however, after a momentary consideration, Charles admitted that the former Secretary of State in the role of the president could be superior to what the Republicans have offered this year so far.

Charles was careful to deliver this admission with a caveat: that President Hillary Clinton executes orders from her office in a manner that denies most of what candidate Hillary Clinton has been saying on the path to the nomination. However, without hesitation, the Clinton campaign responded to Charles’ remarks by denying and possible support, however tepid, from a person who blatantly denies science about climate change.

Charles Koch and his brother David are the owners of Koch Industries, serving as CEO and Executive Vice President respectively. With 84% of the family business under their direct control, the brothers have expanded the company’s holdings and operations to be one of the most profitable private businesses in the United States.

For decades Charles has supported Republican politics and politicians with money and visibility, helping legislation to be passed and offices to change hands.


Highland Capital Management: Opening Up New Investment Opportunities

Highland Capital Management is an investment banking firm that was founded in 1993. For many years, the firm stuck with certain specialties. Highland Capital had created a niche market for collateralized loan obligations and credit based solutions. In the past decade, however, Highland Capital has opened itself up to many different types of investment. Currently, the main categories of investment that the firm is in, include high yield credit, structured products, distressed or special situations, short and long equity, health care, emerging markets and real estate. More specifically, the high yield credit division deals with investments like bank loans, CLOs, high yield bonds and distressed credit, among other things. In the distressed and special situations division, the firm mainly works with companies that have a revenue of at least 50 million dollars and at most 500 million dollars, who are in healthcare services, telecom and media or industrial. In the structured products division, the firm has funds, separately managed accounts and managed CLOs that are available for clients to utilize.

Over the years, the firm has also won many awards. They have won the Institutional Investor 2011 Rising Stars of Mutual Funds award, The Street 2011 Best Stock Mutual Fund long and short category and the 2015 Creditflux Manager Awards Best CLO Fund. James Dondero co-founded the firm with a partner in the early 1990s. Dondero had previously been with a Protective Life GIC subsidiary, which he helped to build from the ground up to 2 billion dollars. It was this very same subsidiary that James Dondero bought and turned into Highland Capital. He had been the Chief Investment Officer but when he took over, Dondero also took the position of president at the firm and has held that position for more than 20 years.

James got his start at the University of Virginia. It was at UVA’s Mcintire School of Commerce that Dondero received his dual degree in finance and accounting. He also managed to graduate with high honors. Since this time, James Dondero has been furthering his education by receiving certification as a chartered financial analyst, a certified management accountant and a certified public accountant. He is also involved in businesses and charities all over the country, including NexBank, CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, American Banknote and MGM Studies, all of which he is on the board of.

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Keith Mann: Scholarship Announcement for Leaders and Professionals had the story about Keith Mann and his scholarship announcement. This is a scholarship that will recognize an entirely new generation of leaders. These are future professionals who are recognized through the scholarship. The scholarship is an award. It is designed to acknowledge the future generation of innovative leaders in business. Keith and Keely Mann have partnered with the Uncommon Schools. These are non-profit charter organizations. They have partnered with the organization located in New York City.

The scholarship is an opportunity for one graduating senior at an Uncommon School located and based in New York City. This is a scholarship that will be available each year to a senior student who will be graduating. There is a requirement for those seniors who would like to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

Every applicant for the scholarship is asked to write a 1,000-word essay. This is to describe exactly how the earning of a college degree will assist them to achieve their goals. This will include all professional goals. The winner of the essay will then receive 5,000 dollars.

The winner of this scholarship will receive 5,000 dollars. This gift of money will be applied to their college tuition. This scholarship is a way to show support for the Uncommon Charter High School and to recognize the future leaders. The Uncommon School is meant to provide a good education to students with low-income levels. The scholarship will enable one student the opportunity to achieve success with their professional endeavors.

Keith Mann had established Dynamic Search Partners. He has worked in the executive search industry for nearly 20 years. This is a premiere executive search firm. It is dedicated to alternative investment firms exclusively. Mann is also a philanthropist who is an advocate for education. His support of education has been greatly appreciated by those who are associated with the Uncommon Schools in New York City.


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Operation Smile – A Global Organization

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in the New Jersey area. He has been practicing for many years, and is very well known in the community for his immense profession and vast knowledge. He has many passions and interests, but has recently dedicated much of his time to educating dentists offices on the use and proper fit of an oral device that is used to help correct sleep apnea. He is also taking part in producing and running a GoFundMe campaign in efforts to raise funds for a organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smile is dedicated to producing medical services such as surgeries and other minor applications for children and young adolescents who are in need of dental services but don’t have the means to afford it. Operation Smile has thousands of volunteers that travel the world and work with many local hospitals and government agencies that help get the necessary procedures for the children.

Operation Smile is dedicated to providing hope for each patient, and they strive to treat each child like that of their very own. It wasn’t hard for Avi Weisfogel to decide to take part and help raise money for the charitable organization. In fact, he has contributed $2000.00 of his very own money to get the campaign started. He is passionate about helping out, and ensuring that Operation Smile has the funds to continue to succeed in helping children throughout the world.

Operation Smile has been around for over thirty years, and was originally started by a couple name Kathy and Bill Magee. They wanted to be able to help children with their facial surgeries and procedures, so they stationed their first mission in the Philippines where they were able to help those in need. It was a wonderful experience, and they were able to continue with the services as the organization grew globally and they welcomed many volunteers across 80 nations. Weisfogel is passionate about helping others as well, and hopes to continue to help raise funds for more future endeavors as well as helps patient’s with their sleep apnea needs and corrections.

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Venezuelan Opposition in Stand Against President Maduro

Nicolas Maduro pretty much inherited Venezuelan presidency when Hugo Chavez passed out in 2013. But, his term is not as easy. Not only he faces a major economic crisis, but the opposition just defied him – according to a report by DateAs.
According to The Telegraph, the country’s parliament, run by the opposition, passed an amnesty law aimed to free the opposition activists currently in prison.

Maduro vowed to veto the bill. As he stated on the Open Corporates interview, “Laws to protect terrorists and criminals will not get past me, no matter what they do.” For Maduro, a former bus driver, the jailed activists are not political prisoners but jailed politicians. The President hopes that the country’s Supreme Court will side with him (as it had previously done), rather than the legislature.

Under Venezuelan laws, “an amnesty can be considered illegal if the imprisoned people committed crimes against humanity or violated human rights” says expert Velasquez Figueroa. The opposition claims that none of the amnesty’s beneficiaries has been involved in any of such crimes.

In memory of Ex-CCMP Capital CEO and President, Steve Murray

Last year on March 12, 2015, Stephen P. Murray, former President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital, passed away, leaving his four children and his wife behind – Read more on Patch.

He was a man with great ambition and big goals. Born on August 2, 1962, Stephen P. Murray grew up in America. He went on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Boston College in 1984 and earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 1989 from the Columbia Business School in New York.

Starting from working at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as part of the “credit analyst training program,” Stephen Murray later went on with his career to eventually become the Co-founder, President, and the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital, a private equity investment firm that focuses on leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. CCMP is a “2006 spinout from JP Morgan Chase” and has brought in the buyout and growth equity team from the JP Morgan Chase.

With his knowledge and expertise in business administration, he achieved great success wherever he worked at. Stephen Murray worked with major companies throughout his career. Stephen Murray has worked as a board member of companies like Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s, Pinnacle Foods, and Legacy Hospital Partners.

WSJ blog reported that Stephen Murray cared deeply about the community around him, especially the northeast part of the United States, where he worked and went to school in. He was a firm supporter of Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia Business School. As an alumni, he also supported Boston College by working as a vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College.

Headquartered in New York City, CCMP Capital is still a leading corporations among other private equity investment firms and has a total asset of $12 billion. Right now, Greg Brenneman is the Chief Executive Officer for CCMP Capital, and he and his company has several locations across the globe with regional offices in London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.