Why Is Autism Rocks The Most Effective Fundraiser In The World?

Autism Rocks is the creation of Solo Capital founder Sanjay Shah, and the nonprofit holds rock concerts that raise money for autism research. Research for autism has lagged behind other disorders over the years, but Sanjay Shah has created a new nonprofit that uses music to raise cash. The greatest musical acts in the world give concerts for Autism Rocks, and ticket sales go to pay for autism research. This article explains how Sanjay used his own Solo Capital venture to help begin Autism Rocks.

#1: Fundraising With The Best

Autism Rocks has worked with Lenny Kravitz, Joss Stone, Snoop Dogg and numerous other musicians who give concerts free of charge. Ticket sales for every concert go directly to to autism research, and the concerts are often given with help from supporting acts who make the concerts more appealing. Sanjay meets with these musicians personally, and some of them are his clients at Solo Capital.

#2: How Does Solo Capital Fit In?

Solo Capital is the first business founded by Sanjay Shah, and the umbrella corporation for Solo Capital helps manage the funds from Autism Rocks concerts. The money is sent to a trust that helps invest the money, and the trust sends the money to a research foundation. Sanjay has created a platform where the money raised increases every day through investments handled by Solo Capital, and the two companies actually advertise under the same banner.

#3: More Concerts To Come

Autism Rocks has a lineup of concerts every year that grows as Sanjay books more dates. He works with the musicians directly, and he has made many new friends who give multiple concerts every year. Seeing a great musical act and giving money to charity is a combination that most people will not pass up, and Autism Rocks helps accomplish that goal easily.

Sanjay Shah has created a new form of fundraising that goes far beyond what other organizations are doing. He schedules concerts that allow people to give their ticket dollars for autism research, and his Solo Capital empire invests the money to increase the amount given for autism research.

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A Future Recession?

Recently, numerous stocks on Wall Street have seen significant drops. Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager who was one individual to see the cliff in the two-thousand eight sub-prime mortgage crisis, has put forth a prediction for how Asian and American markets will fare by the end of the year. His talking points include how the growth of Asian banking systems have outstripped their gross domestic product (GDP). He is expecting the markets to take significant losses, but nothing like a recession. He doesn’t think it will be a repeat of the global financial crisis. He believes that a credit cycle will occur, meaning stocks will bounce around but not go up, and in the US market he is predicting a decrease of ten to twenty percent by the end of the year. Marc Lasry, Avenue Capital CEO, disagrees with Bass by stating that there will be a credit crisis in Asia and especially China. He believes that it will hit much harder that Bass thinks and take much longer to clean up.

An article from usefulstooges.com discusses how Bass’s ideas and predictions haven’t always panned out. The article has a chart (with no axes) depicting how Bass’s increase in media appearances seems to correlate with his hedge-funds decrease in performance. Now charts like these, with limited information and no apparent sources, are not to be trusted. The article goes on to describe how his predictions have panned out.

After describing the outcome of the predictions, the article goes into the people of whom Bass has made acquaintances with in the past few years. It uses a couple of photographs with provocative satirically themed humor texts superimposed as well as descriptions of the people Bass has come close to. Attacks on deals and investments Bass has made are presented as well as questions of his morality.  His blog is still worth a read though, he’s got some good ideas on there.

George Soros on Marketwatch

Imagine this. It is the 1950s.You are a young George Soros having just graduated from the London School of Economics with a Ph.D in Economics. You begin a career in that catapults you to become a legend on Marketwatch in the world of finance. For each of the following three decades your returns are phenomenal earning 30% each year for 30 years. Warren Buffet is also in this 30/30 category.

Some say that these results are not possible today and that there will never again be a George Soros or Warren Buffet. You are probably scratching your head asking why? What did they do that was so special? Each one had a special talent for trading and sixth sense about the way markets trade and when to trade them. George Soros published his trading strategy in a text entitled: The Alchemy of Finance. He describes how fundamental analysis and technical trading each have flaws and cannot accurately predict market movements. He looks for these flaws that most often signal a change in trend. Soros was also gifted in using his Instincts for analyzing trends and when they change direction.

George Soros has also devoted much of his time to philanthropy. He now is part of a network of Open Societies that foster respect for the individual, truth and openness in all aspects of government.

He is a prolific writer of books, essays and commentaries. His latest prediction is that China will have a hard landing that will affect the rest of the world markets. He has shorted the S & P, commodity producing countries, Asian currencies while buying Treasuries.

There is more to the story. It has to do with the times these men lived in. Television was just beginning in the decade 1947-1957. The only news broadcast was a 15- minute summary of local news. It wasn’t until the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 that national news coverage became mainstream.

There were no mainstream computers and faxes until the 1980s. Financial futures were not introduced until the 1970s. John Bogle started the first mutual fund called the Vanguard Fund in 1975.

Back then financial information was hard to come by. You read the Wall Street Journal and maybe the Financial Times. Stock prices were printed on the Ticker Tape that streamed across a screen. Your main source of information came from the floor traders on the exchanges. They would keep you informed as to what trades were being made by the big players in a particular stock or future. If something like a strike in the mines in Africa occurred it wasn’t mainstream that day. You read about it in the WSJ the next day. Those traders who had access to the news when it happened were able to adjust their trades accordingly. Today you have a few seconds to make your decision. Soros who was based in London had access to European stocks and was able to find undervalued companies. None of this information was available in US.

The computer changed the world of finance. You now have instant news reporting and trading data. A new invasion of Quants entered Wall Street with all kinds of mathematical algorithms. They developed a batch of trading indicators and are able to program computers to make the decisions thus eliminating human emotions.

Who knows? In the 1920’s we had Jesse Livermore and the word was that he was the greatest of all time. Then came along George Soros and Warren Buffet.
Odds are that we’ll see other great ones in coming generations.





2016 Is Similar To 2008, Says George Soros

George Soros, the leading financier, claims that he sees signs financial markets are headed for another major crisis. There are several big sources of risk in the world economy. A new crisis would not play out the way 2008 did, because the subprime mortgage crisis was based on a housing bubble. Today, instead of a housing bubble, there are other sources of volatility that could kick off a cascading collapse that would have a similar effect as the 2008 crash.
Soros pins the blame on China’s weakness. Ever since the middle of 2015, when a big selloff in the Chinese stock market drew attention to the world’s second largest economy, doubts have grown about the nation’s economy. China has claimed a large growth rate for many years in a row. While analysts have always been skeptical of the official numbers the Chinese government produces, it was the 2015 stock market crash that worried them. The primary issue was that the Chinese government had a reputation of being a careful and thoughtful group that could lead the economy through central planning and control. The summer and fall of 2015, though, saw the Chinese government scramble to stop a stock market slide with ineffective and contradictory policies. As a result, many people inside and outside China have lost faith in the government’s ability to run the economy.
At the same time, internal problems in the Chinese economy are coming to a head. Massive corporate debt and weak demand are slowing the economy. Overbuilding in housing and industrial capacity has wasted money and lax enforcement has caused environmental disasters. China may even be headed for a currency crisis. The country needs the yuan to be strong so that it can become a reserve currency. But if the yuan is too strong, then Chinese exports become too expensive for anyone to buy. The economic weakness of China also means no investors want yuan, so the currency’s value is dropping. The Chinese government wants to slow down this drop and try to find the right level of value. To prevent the yuan from dropping, though, China needs to buy yuan and sell dollars. Eventually, it will run out of dollars, kicking off a massive financial crisis in China that will spill over to the US and the world. That is exactly the situation that let Soros break the Bank of England in the early 1990s.

Premium Dog Food News And Why I Feed Beneful

I want a dog food that I can trust. That is why I specifically picked Beneful Dog Food to be the “go-to brand” of dog food for my home. We have three dogs, and they just love the fragrant aromas of Beneful Chopped Blends, so I’m always sure to keep the cabinet stocked with several different selections. There are currently 20 different kinds of Beneful Chopped Blends, so we never run out of new, exciting flavors to introduce to the dogs. Last night, they had one with real pieces of chicken, carrots, rice and tomatoes. Tonight, the dogs will dine on a blend of vegetables, Salmon and rice.

Beneful Chopped Blends is a great addition to my dogs’ diet. I put a few heaping spoonfuls of it on the top of the mound of dry food that I feed them when I give them their dinner at night. I only feed Chopped Blends to my dogs at night time. I feed them Beneful Original Dry Dog Food in the mornings by itself, although I have heard of dog owners feeding their pets Chopped Blends as their main staple.

Premium Dog Food News

I recently found an article that sums up and solidifies my claims for the greatness of premium dog food over the cheaper brands. The article tells me everything I assumed to be true about premium dog food companies, that they use higher quality ingredients, and they have been using grain-free ingredients for many years.

The article is from the Daily Herald, and it’s a pretty good read because it has a lot of interesting information about the practices that these premium dog food manufacturers use when they make their blends. It was new information to me, of course. However, I have always trusted that the real ingredients listed on the package of Beneful on purina were proof enough.

If you want more information on premium dog foods and the practices of the companies that manufacture many of the leading brands’ foods, then I encourage you to read on by visiting this site for the full scope of the article.

Kevin Seawright: Family Man, Community Leader and Sponsor

Kevin Seawright, CFO and EVP of Newark Community Economic Development Corporatio(Newark CEDC), strives to make much needed changes in the lives of all people in the 20 diverse neighborhoods in the city of Newark. He has been working to make these changes since the tender age of 12, in the inner cities of Philadelphia, then Baltimore. He gives full credit for his early beginnings to his parents, and thanks them for guiding him to begin helping in making changes to the youths and adults in his community.

Back then, his efforts were involved mostly in helping the youths of those cities. Now, his goal is to come to the aide of all who need it in his surrounding communities. Mr. Seawright wants to help the communities grow, he told WorldClassMagazines, help increase employment and real estate development. He wants to financially aide small to medium businesses and contribute to real estate development for the betterment of the city and its citizens.

Kevin Seawright describes on Twitter that he is a devoted family man and his daughter, Tia, tops the list of his immediate and extended family. He is very proud of her. The communities surrounding him are also very important to this driven financial analyst, leader, and manager.

Kevin Seawright is also a great supporter of higher education, both formal and online colleges, as well as a lover of music. Mr. Seawright, himself, just finished an Executive Leadership course at Notre Dame Mendoza Business College. He is a devoted big basketball fan, coach, and supporter of the 76ers. There is a soft spot in his heart reserved for football and the Redskins, but his busy schedule does not allow him to catch as many games as he would like. He also occupies a seat on the board of the Babe Ruth Birthplace and museum, in Baltimore, which honors one of the greatest baseball players in the history of the sport. The Babe is credited with being in the “500 Home Runs Club”.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation’s only client is the city of Newark, New Jersey. It attracts businesses and helps them grow by urging real estate enhancement through out all of the city’s neighborhoods. Collaboration with Newark’s Department of Economic and Housing Development allows for initiation and execution of economic evolution, increased employment, and generation of prosperity for all of the citizens of Newark. Kevin Seawright is a great addition to the Newark CEDC and area communities, and he continues to be an angel investor for new projects that come up around Newark.

Better tasting and healthy pet food becoming a trend

The surge in innovative pet food shows how much people are willing to spend on their pets. The pet food industry has boomed in recent years with companies offering various kinds of dog food from refrigerated organic foods to grain free and farm fresh foods. New companies have come onto the market in recent years such as FreshPet and Blue Buffalo and have sparked competition in the pet food industry and forced industry giants to step up their game, according to a recent Daily Herald article. Purina has a website where owners can customize their own dog food blends. Other companies such as Colgate-Palmolive cater to maintaining a dog’s healthy weight. Some claim to be all natural and use farm fresh ingredients. One of the main ways big name brands are fighting back is through aquisition of lesser known pet food entities. Purina, which Beneful is a part of, bought out the first ever certified organic pet food distributor, Merrick Pet Care. Purina has been a leader in the pet food industry for years. One of its best subsidiary brands is Beneful. Known for high quality yet less expensive foods, Beneful is trusted by pet owners and veterinarians alike. Beneful as with all Purina pet foods are inspected thoroughly. According to the website, Purina’s control and safety protocol exceed every FDA, USDA or AAFCO requirement. Beneful hires experts in the areas of pet nutrition and food safety including employees who have Ph.D. in pet health and nutrition. Beneful dog food is made only from quality ingredients. Every ingredient is accounted for, and the vendors of all ingredients are audited often to ensure the quality of the product they are providing to Purina manufacturers. Although new companies such as FreshPet seem to be doing well with their new refrigerated pet food that smells and tastes more like human food, Purina, Beneful and other big name brands on Youtube maintain high quality standards.

New Visual Search tool helps online shoppers

A new technique called deep learning, a branch of machine learning based on algorithms, is helping customers narrow down items they like by sorting like items. Pinterest and Google has caught on to this new technology with their new visual search tool that lets people draw a box around an item seen in a picture to find other items ( or that same item). Some items summoned by the image recognition come with buy buttons attached which Pinterest introduced last summer.

Slyce, the visual purchasing engine, came out with a universal scanner as an straight forward solution to image recognition technology. However, Slyce took it one step further by allowing users to snap or scan anything around them to retrieve an exact match or similar results online. The universal scanner scans QR codes , coupons, and bar-codes, and real world images seamlessly. It only takes 1-5 seconds for bar-codes or QR codes, and 5-15 seconds for 3D exact matches or similar results to pop up the application.

With the Slyce application people can snap to buy something, snap to discover, snap to list something, and snap to coupon. Slyce’s “Snip Snap” is labeled as a visual search powered siri for savings. Behind the team of Slyce is Canadian Tech Entrepreneur , Cameron Chell, who is also author of the book “The Sustainable Startup – A Guide to Building the Right Team for the Right Project.”

Slyce exceeded in its image search technology where others have failed; Amazon failed with its Fire Smartphone and Google bought like.com which launched a shopping comparison to other products that were similar but it doesn’t allow for details to be highlighted. The head of visual research at Pinterest, Kevin Jing, feels that visual search will soon become indispensable and will change how people interact with online services.

Shoes.com is trying a different approach to visual search, by using image processing tech developed by the AI (artificial- intelligence), Sentient. On the women’s boot section of Shoe.com’s Canadian store, people can click on the visual filter button , by selecting the pair of boots closest to what a person wants narrows the selection down to the type the person wants based on their selections.

According to Sentient’s chief technology officer, software will continue to understand images to make online shopping more efficient and boost online sales for a wide variety of items and services.

George Soros: The Greatest Billionaire Philanthropist & Political Activist



Soros Quotes


“It is never whether you are wrong or right that is significant, but how much you lose when you are wrong and how much money you make when right.”


“I greatly rely on animal instincts.”


“Soros opened our macroeconomic and thinking capacity theory, and substantially made globalist of all of us in making us comprehend the criticalness of the U.S geopolitical events in the economy.” (Morgan Stanley, Byron Wien)


“One will do all the best he can while playing by the rules, with no respect to the social cost. Whereas people must be concerned with their social consequences in making the rules and never with selfish individual interests.”


Soros Investment Style


Soros could translate the harsh economic trends into the highly leveraged bonds and currencies plays. Soros was a short term speculator as an investor and made huge bets in the financial markets. He also believed that the market of finance was to be described as chaotic at best. Currency and security prices depended entirely on the will of the traders who deal in the selling and buying of the assets. These people often acted based on emotions but not on logical, critical thinking.


Soros also believed that the participants in the market influenced each other and made decisions as a group. Soros would pretend to be in the group making the decisions together but often found the best time to strike and lead the groups. He was a genius in gauging the best time to lead the group. This made his efforts very hard to emulate in the financial market.


Soros Profile


Soros fled Hungary to London in the year 1947. He joined a local school of business economics and graduated in 1952. He obtained credit that enabled him to get a job with a commercial bank in London. He immigrated to the U.S in 1956 and worked at three companies in New York holding investment managerial and analyst positions.


In 18973, he ventured into the world of hedge fund and founded the great Soros Quantum Fund that is respected and prominent today. For over thirty years, he has fruitfully managed the hedge fund tracking up to himself profits that surpass 30% annually and occasionally 100%.


In the 1980s, Soros gave up the management of the hedge fund as the world richest individuals and started philanthropist activities and donated vast amounts of money through his founded foundation of open source. For more information, please visit Investopedia.


The European Union should accept one challenge they are facing today. They are lacking a standard refugee program that has seen the number of asylum seekers rising over the past few years. At first, it was a small problem but they have let it grow to a worldwide political crisis.


Every member of the state is dedicated to selfish interests rather than those of the community and the European people at large. The asylum seekers are getting the hit worst. For related reading, please visit MarketWatch.



The body is the most valuable asset in the life of human being. A healthy body means more productivity and happy life. The change in lifestyle and the new modern life is exposing the body many lifestyle diseases. The busy and critical programs are contributing to back pains and neck stiffness. With little or no breaks to stretch up, back pains may progress to chronic and reduce the productivity of the body. Also, they are a primary cause of movement problems.
Doctor Sergio Cortes is the cabinet secretary in the Brazilian state of Rio. He is a trained medical expert and gives some extra exercise pieces of advice that are useful in maintaining a healthy body. Dr. Sergio concern arises from the current state of health in Brazil. Over 53% of the citizens are overweight with 64% from his state.
Sergio recommends swimming as a beneficial exercise for people with back problems. Swimming has no injuries associated with it and has no impact on the injured area. The muscles have no effect of the exercise unlike running for people with back pains. It’s beneficial for strengthening the upper body and back tones. Most of back pains are associated with poor sitting posture. Swimming is a good relieve from pain relief.

It’s advisable to go to a gym and ride on an exercise bike. The gym bike is modernized and safer than riding on the streets. Conventional bicycles may require a sitting posture that may complicate the back pains. Dr. Sergio recommends the gym bike since one can adjust the posture and ride and a natural position. The doctor’s advice and specialist supervision are essential in ensuring only the recommended position is used. Also, the exercise bike strengthens the legs and hips muscles.
The low impact exercise is important in adopting a healthy sitting posture. The practice aligns the body and is flexible. It can be modified to specific needs to relieve back pains. The exercise should be done with tracking so as to take other benefits of the exercise.

Sergio Cortes has general advice on the impact of healthy practices that are beneficial in reducing back pains. He is reachable through his LinkedIn account. He is the chief medical officer and executive director of Rede D’Or Sao LuiZ.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official Website