Avi Weisfogel Stays Busy

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist based out of New Jersey who graduated from New York University’s College of Dentistry. In addition to his duties in private practice, Avi Weisfogel is involved with various charities and hobbies.

Among the most well-publicized of Weisfogel’s endeavors is his work for Operation Smile. He has supported Go Fund Me campaigns to help direct money to this global enterprise. Operation Smile directs the money it receives to cover costs associated with dental and related surgeries for young children in need. Without the continual support of people like Avi Weisfogel, Operation Smile would never be able to perform numerous good deeds around the world. As a father and family man, Weisfogel know children need care. He is doing his part to help with such a cause.

Weisfogel is also a huge lover of music. He did not study any music until later in life, but he has become quite talented at producing hip-hop music. The sound he is capable of mixing is very seasoned and professional. As the saying goes, he hits all the right notes. Soundcloud and Instagram are two venues in which he releases his music. A host of followers keep up to date on what he uploads. In time, he may become somewhat of a celebrity thanks to his musical accomplishments.

And speaking of social media, Avi Weisfogel is someone who likes to post interesting things on Twitter. In addition to tweets about his music and Operation Smile, Weisfogel may post about news of the day or health-related items. One tweet leads followers to a New York Times article that discusses the benefits of lifting lighter weights.

Yes, Avi Weisfogel is an interesting person. All his many activities are proof of this to be sure.

How Lovaganza Plans On Affecting The Whole World

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

When Lovaganza unveils in 2020, it’s going to be a festival that spans virtually the entire planet. There will be eight separate events going on simultaneously. They will be hosted in America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East. Each event will features speakers, teachers, technology and more. Exhibitions will take place, interactive displays will be everywhere, and the crown jewel of Lovaganza will act as the centerpiece for the whole occasion. That crown jewel is IMMERSCOPE, an experience that gives users 3D without the need for any kind of glasses.

IMMERSCOPE is a 180-Degree screen which affects the audience like a live performance at a conventional playhouse would. Imagine all the intimacy which comes from a theatrical production condensed into a film, and affecting people even more directly. This is IMMERSCOPE 3D on celebmafia.com. It’s got all the scale and majesty of CINERAMA, but infinitely greater appeal. Lovaganza will display this new innovation in film alongside the other attractions at the four month long event. Think of it like the World’s Fairs of yesteryear combined with CINERAMA, but in three dimensions and replete with a ubiquity of cutting-edge, futuristic technology.

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The event will take place simultaneously in eight strategic locations near population centers across the globe. The idea is to get as many people in to see the offerings of Lovaganza as possible. The event will have locations in America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, and the Middle East. With a four month duration, that’s roughly thirty-two months of time. The only way to get everyone on the globe through Lovaganza would be for 900,000+ to go to each event every day. While that may not happen, it’s not untoward to expect multiple thousands daily in attendance worldwide.

Yahoo Finance has also been following the progress of Lovaganza, as reported by their news updates. Recently a press release was published about Lovaganza which also talks about the Lovaganza Foundation. Officially, this foundation will come into public use in 2018. The idea is to get all the legal difficulties of the final presentation ironed out well beforehand. This is good future planning.

Those behind Lovaganza are no strangers to planning, however. They were even wise enough to suspend unveiling until the right technology were found. Originally, Lovaganza was supposed to take place in 2015. In the meantime, Lovaganza, between now and 2020 will be three theatrical releases of feature films related to the event, which will also be shown on the road. During 2017, Lovaganza will drum up support and awareness through the muse of a traveling convoy. 

Keith Mann: Entrepreneur, Visionary and Philanthropist

The word entrepreneur gets thrown around a lot. These days you can start a business in a matter of hours online and call yourself a visionary. Not too long ago, starting a business took guts and rare ambition hardwired to your personality. Keith Mann is a real, old-school entrepreneur who’s leadership continues to drive the success of Dynamic Search Partners, a company he co-founded in 2001. Through his prosperity Keith gives back, raising money and resources for many philanthropic efforts, completing the circle of what it means to be an entrepreneur.
Keith got his start as a manager with Dynamic Associates, working to place great talent with great companies in the finance industry. Hard work and dedication landed promotion after promotion until Keith found himself the company’s Vice President. In 2001, co-founded by Mann, Dynamic Search Partners was born. DSP helps top investment businesses find the talent they need to succeed. Quality leadership and precise vision have seen the company grow. More than 2000 finance professionals can attribute their success directly to Keith and his company.
The best leaders have values they share and impart on others. With his success, Keith can give back, supporting Animal rights and raising over $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools. Through his efforts, high school age boys and girls are granted opportunity that otherwise would not have been possible; soldiers against animal mistreatment can continue their fight.
Keith Mann is an authentic entrepreneur, taking risks and building businesses the old fashion way. The greatest leaders in business understand, to achieve real success social responsibility supersedes the bottom line. Keith is a valuable asset to his company’s leadership, pivotal to over a decade of triumph. Through giving, he has redefined success, and what true leadership can do for a community.

The Importance of Multiple Domains for Online Reputation Management

When it comes to online reputation management, there is one important thing that is overlooked. This is the amount of domain names that are owned. While a lot of business owners only own one domain which is often the company name, there are plenty of other domains that the business owner could buy. One smart move would be to buy domain names that are based on the brands. This could definitely help with online reputation management in a multitude of ways. For one thing, it could help when there is an attack on the reputation of a company. The brand name may still get a lot of the business.
There are challenges that could come with owning a domain name. For one thing, there are many cases where the name brand is not available as a domain name. Fortunately, there are variations that could be added to the domain name. Among the variations is the actual location of the business. For instance, a business that is located in Denver could add the city name to the company name. This could do a lot to boost the ranking of the company on search results. This could also help local businesses bring in a lot of companies because people who use search engines add a location to their search query so that they can find something close by.

With online reputation management, multiple domains go a long way towards building and maintaining trust. When setting up the domain page, it helps to add a bio that is filled with tons of information. Also, images and video could also help in order to get people interested in the company. This could also help people avoid any major damages in the case of a crisis. Multiple domains with carefully thought out names could bring a lot of success to the business owner.


Sanjay Shah: Generosity, Creativity, And Responsibility

Among the many things that could be said for Sanjay Shah, he is creative, responsible, and generous. He is always willing to sponsor children who were born at a disadvantage. He has recently centered his efforts on spreading awareness about autism so that others can help him fund the research in order to find effective treatment. Sanjay’s generous heart has brought him very far in his career. It is his generosity and care for people that has fueled his drive for success. This is what got him to start his company Solo Capital as well as Autism Rocks.

With Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah Denmark collects donations. He is also experiencing what could be the greatest venture of his career. Autism Rocks is more along the lines of what is in his heart. He also hosts concerts for fundraising. He meets with various artists and hosts some of the events that bring out the crowds. People will not only enjoy the music from their favorite artists, but they will get to learn about autism. They are then encouraged to make their donations towards the cause so that a better treatment could be discovered. The idea of hosting concerts and raising awareness about autism is very creative.

Given Sanjay shah’s success in his industry, he has shown himself to be responsible as well. He has worked in a few banks in which he has managed finances. Given that he was able to take the capital that he had and grow it for his own business, it shows that he is good at money management. Money management is very important for success and financial independence. Sanjay’s success and independence makes it easier for him to contribute to noble causes.

For the most part, Sanjay is experiencing some of the greatest possible joys in his life because he can earn a lot of income for doing what is in his heart. Working a career that one loves could do a lot to bring out some sort of generosity. Sanjay’s ability to make and save a lot of money brings forth a better opportunity to help others and donate to plenty of other non profits.


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Who is Mr. Brian Bonar, many of you may be asking? I will tell you. No great men nor their accomplishments should ever go unrecognized.

Mr. Brian Bonar is a man who plays at the top…in the realms of business and finance. He holds a Ph.D. and has served for over fifteen years as Chairman and Corporate Executive Officer (CEO) of a company known none other than Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is a highly successful entrepreneur in his field of expertise as well….that of business and finance.

According to an online article by Bloomberg, released in 2010, it appears that Mr. Bonar has received but a slight bit of recognition for the much work and toil he has put into his career and company.

The article is entitled Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor and its sub title is Brian Bonar Named Cambridge Publishing’s 2010/2011 Executive of the Year Representing Finance. When you think about it, this online article piece was written exactly SIX years ago from where we stand today….and Mr. Bonar’s achievements have been more and greater since then. Both he and the company continue to grow! Read more: Brian Bonar | LinkedIn

According to the article source, which may be fully read free of cost, at )http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/brian-bonar-receives-professional-networking-communitys-highest-honor-98913914.html) :
“Brian Bonar, Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, has been named Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. While inclusion in the Cambridge Who’s Who® Registry is an honor, only two male and two female members in each discipline are named executives of the year.”

As we may thus assess, the words speak for themselves here and this in indeed quite an honor and an achievement which not many may come to in their life time: EVER. Mr. Brian Bonar is indeed a straight shooter with a heart of passion for everything that he does, apparently backing up his every word with bold and solid, consistent action!

He will never shy away from a challenge which he knows that he can win…with time, patience, and perseverance in work, and through the wise use of financial knowledge and resources provided as well.

This theme is made known and very generally clear throughout the whole of the online article source….not failing to emphasize and re-emphasize it as a key point from which all others hang. Thus it seems that Mr. Brian Bonar is a man quite unlike any other in his time….truly having been born for this challenge, and accepting it with eagerness and joy.

Not only that…..but may I add that Mr. Bonar is also a member of the American Financial Association, other wise known as the AFA. That in itself speaks highly of his character and corporate reputation.

Helane Morrison Built Strong Career in Financial Regulations Before Heading Investment Group

Helane Morrison has had a long lasting career in the State of California in the finance world. She has worked on both sides of the coin. She is also highly educated. She obtained a degree in Journalism from Northwestern and a J.D. from University of California at Berkley before starting her career. Morrison started out working as a defense lawyer that worked defending people that were being sued by Securities Exchange Commission. After that, she made a completely switch in her career.
Morrison’s next job landed her with a position working for the SEC itself. She started out as a District Administrator for the SEC in their San Francisco office. Her vast knowledge, unyielding work ethic, and commitment to ethics overall when it came to finance got her the job as Regional Director for the entire Pacific Northwest at the SEC. During her time in this position she investigated and oversaw many cases that the SEC brought against fraudulent traders, lenders, and investors. She worked for the SEC from 1999-2007. She was also Head of Enforcement for 3 years during this period.
In 2007, the other shoe finally dropped when it came to the housing market. Helane Morrison saw a decline in the trust level that the general public had with investment professionals. Thieving and conniving lenders and investors had propped up the housing market on bad loans. These loans failed and the housing market collapsed. This caused the public to look at the bankers as untrustworthy. Morrison saw this problem and began working with Hall Capital Group in the private sector in an effort to help restore the general public’s faith in the market.
One of the primary reasons that she chose Hall Capital is that the San Francisco-based investment firm is run completely by women. This investment company is also one of the most successful financial groups in the entire state of California. Her long career working in financial regulations gives her clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are working with someone that will work in their best interests while still staying within the rules.
Morrison is one of the most successful people working in the Northern California Financial Sector over the last 30 years. She has built a long career off of enforcing the laws surrounding finance that help keep the playing field fair for everyone involved. She has also taken this knowledge into the private sector to help revive the attitude towards investing that the everyday person has towards the financial industry in California.

Fabletics Begins To Open Retail Stores As It Expands

Online fashion retailer co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is beginning to open up physical stores across the country in major shopping areas. Some examples of where Fabletics has recently opened up stores include the Mall Of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, the Southpark Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver, Colorado.

Executives at Fabletics say that the selection of store locations is based on a number of criteria. This includes the number of traffic or visitors to the mall, demographics and the number of online sales in a region. The logic is that existing online customers will be likely to go towards a physical location and try out new outfits and shop there in addition to shopping online.

Fabletics believes that the opening of physical store locations across the country will help it expand and boost sales. There is a trend now, where customers want the ability to both purchase merchandise online and in store. At Fabletics stores, customers can get a feel for the fabrics and try on outfits. They can then select from a much larger assortment of colors and styles from the online website at fabletics.com.

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Retail president Greg Thogmartin of Fabletics says that the opening of Fabletics Stores has actually boosted business online. While he didn’t clarify the number, he did say that online sales have increased. Store employees at Fabletics will also try to get customers to sign up for VIP memberships when they shop at a Fabletics store.

Fabletics has a VIP subscription based model. VIP members get exclusive deals and offers that are customized based on their size, interests and preferences. A VIP member at Fabletics costs $39.95 per month. The charge is a credit that can be used to purchase any Fabletics gear in store or on the web. Credits will roll over from month to month and do not expire.

Fabletics is a clothing retailer that focuses on active wear for young women. You will see many shorts, tank tops, yoga pants and spandex for sale. The company has recently expanded into accessories as well such as some jewelry and handbags for example. A small men’s department has been opened up as well. Men’s clothing is even sold in some store locations now. According to the company, about 100 stores are being planned to open with the next couple of years.

The inventory at each store is expected to change every month. This is because Fabletics, which is based out of El Segunda, California releases new styles and outfits every month. Not a luxury brand, Fabletics instead offers low cost, yet high quality activewear and casual sports wear to women and now men at a middle price range. See: https://twitter.com/fabletics?lang=en

The US Money Reserve Explains Gold Coin Ownership

The US Money Reserve is run by Philip Diehl, and he comes from a long term of service at the US Mint. He believes that the people who are investing in gold coins are going to do really well, and he wants to see that as many people can get their hands on these coins as possible. Read more: US Money Reserve | about.me and Gold & Silver | Precious Metals

The parts of this plan are all about collecting, but there is a market for marketing gold coins. The gold coins have a high value because gold is always getting more expensive, and it is something that people need to consider when they are looking at a new way to invest their money.

Gold coins are really safe because their price is pretty solid, but the coins are also nice to collect because they look good. The US Money Reserve said on EPNS Radio that anyone could invest in gold coins, and they showed that these coins could be sold for profit in the short term or held for a long term sale.

There are a lot of people who will enjoy investing in these coins because they are fun to look at, and they could even bring them to trade shows just because that seems like a fun thing to do.

It is all up to the person who buys the coins, but they can easily be kept in a safe where they will sit until they are sold. Letting the coins mature in value is easy because they are easy to safeguard, and they can be sold to retire or just when the person gets much older.

Everyone who is thinking about investing at the US Money Reserve needs to make sure they look over all the coins to see which ones they will like most as they choose their investments.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:


Modern Day Reputation Management and the Online World


Owning and running a business in today’s world is quite a bit different than it was even ten years ago. Part of that has to do with how big a role the internet has to play in our daily lives. To be fully successful with running a business, you must focus and maintain your business online reputation.
There are many reasons that maintaining your online reputation is so vital. One of the most crucial reasons for you to watch and maintain your reputation is because it is so very easy for people to post negative comments about your company online. Once this information is on the internet, it is very hard to fix bad reviews or undo any potential damage that these comments might cause you.
Another major reason to monitor your online reputation is because those companies that do not watch what their customers are liking and prefer are the companies that have suffered the most in the last few years. This is easiest to see with the many book companies. Those companies that did not keep up with the eBook trend slowly sunk and went out of business. This negative situation is something that could easily replicate itself many times over.
These two reasons are just the biggest reasons that exist for being concerned with the online reputation for your business. For those businesses that have very little or no experience, figuring out how to fix and maintain the reputation of your business is something that can become very overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several different companies online whose entire purpose is to help businesses create a positive image with online reputation repair services.
Whether you are someone brand new to internet reputation repair or it has been something that you have been investigating for a while, there are more reasons than ever to begin in the online reputation of your business. Even if you have never actively worked at keeping a positive online reputation, there are now many resources available to you to help you achieve the positive reputation that any business desires. Understanding the need for these resources is half as important as using a reputation management service.