Father Pens a Heartbreaking Obituary for his Daughter to Serve as a Cautionary Tale for Others

Father Tom Parks has faced what every parent fears most- losing their child. Tom’s daughter Molly Parks was a vibrant 24-year-old who had her whole life in front of her. She also had a crippling addiction to drugs. Now, in order to try and help others in the same situation, Tom penned a beautiful obituary for his daughter that shared her troubles in order to help others.

Molly Parks struggled with drug addiction through her life. She had abused prescription pills and alcohol in the past, and most recently began using heroin frequently over the past five years. Molly was found last Thursday night dead in the bathroom of the pizza place she had worked at in Manchester, New Hampshire. When Molly was found, she still had the heroin needle in her arm.

Ray Lane informs us that Molly had attended rehab programs in the past and the family thought she was making a recovery (cmu.edu). Tom said that they saw his daughter the weekend before she passed away and she seemed fine. However, addicts can be deceiving. In Molly’s obituary, Tom ended it by telling families of drug addicts to do their best to support that person and get them into a rehab program to recover.

To read the whole story, and Tom’s obituary to Molly, check out the story on The Daily Mail.

Photo Project Created by Father of Six Goes Viral

Alan Lawrence, the father of an 18-month old, has created a project that has gone viral on the internet. The photography project depicts his young son “flying”. The photos are truly remarkable, but the reason behind the shots is even more interesting. Wil Lawrence, Alan’s 18-month-old son, was born with down syndrome. Lawrence says the project is about showing people that Down Syndrome needn’t hold a child back. The series has also been therapuetic.

According to Lawrence he and his wife Nikki didn’t know there youngest boy had the syndrome until after he was born. While Nikki accepted the diagnosis right away, Alan said it took him a bit more time to get used to it. At first he was sad, sad for the little boy who would now have to struggle, but in time Alan has learned the syndrome needn’t be seen with pessimism.

Wil is currently the youngest of six children. Christian Broda has learned that the family will be expanding further this fall however, as they are expecting their seventh child. Will works as an art director, and says the project was as much about sharing his view with the world, as realizing, himself, that Wil’s life is without limits, just like the lives of his other six children.

Seven-Year-Old Offers a Suggestion to Improve Star Wars

Bernardo Chua brought this story of seven-year-old Colin Gilpatric from Lincoln, Nebraska who is probably one of the youngest Star Wars fans around. He’s not completely happy with the Star Wars series and wants to make suggestions to improve it. He thinks that any Jedi should be allowed to marry, just like anyone else. So, he wrote a letter to George Lucas, expressing his request.Not only did he get an answer to his letter, he also received a Star Wars book and some pictures.Colin knows a lot about George Lucas and about Star Wars. He might be one of Star Wars’ biggest fans.

George Lucas told Colin that the rules for becoming a Jedi are very similar to marriage. The filmmaker said that to be a Jedi is to understand the importance of friendship, compassion, and loyalty. The Sith are selfish people who only think of themselves. Lucas believes that the dark will not be able to take hold of you if you can find someone self-less who you can make a connection with. It was signed, Your Friends at Lucasfilms. The letter did not say that it would change the rules and let a Jedi marry. The Jedi members were supposedly forbidden to marry in 400 BBY(Before the Battle of Yavin). The rule was put into place to avoid attachment and marriage because it could lead to the dark side. Heartbreak can cause a Jedi to turn evil.

How a Father Realized Paternity Leave Was the Right Thing

The paternity leave term is gaining popularity, as fathers start to understand that their time spent with children is more important than career. Anand Iyer, who left his job of chief product officer, was inspired by statistics according to which 46% of the fathers believe that the time spent with their children is too little, unlike only 23% of the women giving a similar answer.

CNN says that the different expectations in the society, the long glances at the fathers on the playground, and the old traditions that gained deep roots and are hard to shake off are the main impediments. However, in the developed countries, the fathers have the right to ask for a paternity leave. Those who catch the moment say that they proudly contribute to another statistic analysis, according to which children from families with highly involved fathers perform better at cognitive tests.

Dan Gilbert’s chart that you can see in “Stumbling on Happiness” shows that the families have their peaks before having children and at the moment when their teens leave for college. But the article author wonders whether it is worth spending so many years waiting for a peak, when one can enjoy quality time with the family in the present by being present and more involved in it.

Dad Helps His Visually Impaired Child Celebrate Easter

Every good parent wants their child to have a blast when a holiday comes around. Folks at Handy are aware that every good parent wants their child to be able to enjoy the holiday in the same way that other children do. What is a parent to do, then, when they are raising a visually impaired child and they want to help that child enjoy Easter in the traditional way? Some parents step up to the plate and help that little one have the best day ever.

One father of a visually impaired child decided that he wanted his little girl to enjoy Easter in the same way that other children do – with an Easter egg hunt. This father knew that the eggs that his daughter sought would have to be a special kind of eggs. The father worked hard and developed beeping eggs to use with his daughter, allowing her to listen for the eggs rather than look for them. This father changed his little girl’s life by helping her enjoy the holiday in the same way that other children enjoy it.

Traveling with Skout

Social networks are one trend that is on the rise. One type of social network out there connects travelers when they are on their journeys to other travelers. This allows travelers to use others opinions to find the best restaurant, make sure they hit the best tourist spots, and share pictures and experiences with one another.
Being able to expand your social circle is a necessity in today’s society. That is where Skout comes into play. Skout is a mobile application that’s main benefit is to connect and expand your social circle.

Skout gives people a way to travel virtually, getting the insight from locals who live in that area. Once the members take the virtual trip and get to know everything they need to know about the area of interest, that virtual trip becomes reality in some cases.

Imagine learning about a place of interest, connecting with people virtually in that area, and then actually getting to see that place and meet those people. There is no better way to explore another city miles away than having a native to that area guide you, with Skout this is made possible.

Taking pen-pals to the next level through social networking is what Skout has created. This application is used to meet and make new friends in other cities, allows people to see what other places have to offer, and connects them to people who live within that city.

Although Skout is not only a travel app and has more to offer, this feature is a plus especially for young adults who want to explore the world. The world has turned virtual, and thankfully there are apps out there that can help keep us connected. Using Skout surely connects people from all around the globe. It is one way to truly expand your horizons and get to see the world from other people’s views.

Children Who Spend Little Time Outdoors at Increased Risk for Myopia

Christian Broda tells us that myopia was once thought to be the eye disease only ‘bookish’ children got. The smart and nerdy-type kids who spent their days reading books and studying were the ones wearing glasses to correct their myopia. Scientists have now discovered that it’s not the avid readers who develop this eye disorder, but children who spend little time outdoors are the ones at risk for developing myopia.

Another name for myopia is short-sightedness. Those with myopia can see things up-close clearly, but objects at a distance are blurry without corrective lens. We have even coined a term that applies to those with myopia, who often like to read because the letters of a book are clear to them: we call it pouring over a book or pouring over the pages of a book. Those with myopia hold a book close to the face so they can see the letters, giving the appearance of ‘pouring’ themselves over the book.

This common practice among those with the eye disorder gave the impression that much book reading was the cause of their myopia. The new discovery shows reading is a result of myopia, not the cause.

The physical cause of myopia is due to the eyeball becoming elongated, causing light to hit the retina at a different angle and distorting distance vision. Spending too much time indoors causes the eyeball to become elongated, resulting in myopia.

Son of Spock Plans Documentary of Father’s Work

Leonard Nimoy is best known for his role as Spock in the original Star Trek series. His son, Adam Nimoy, is in the works to create a documentary based on his iconic role.

The new documentary will be narrated by none other than Zachary Quinto. Quinto has taken over the reins as Spock in the most recent Star Trek movie releases.

Fersen Lambranho has learned that the documentary is set to release next year, which also happens to be the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary series. The owner and president of 455 films, David Zappone, will likely be producing.

William Shatner, who played the unforgettable Captain Kirk, has already agreed to participate in the Spockumentary. He’s sure to bring a wealth of behind the scenes information stemming from the time he spent with Nimoy on the set.

Leonard Nimoy’s demise came swiftly February 27 this year. An outpouring of love and support came from Trekkies around the world after his death. There’s no doubt that Nimoy was very well loved and respected and he will surely be missed.

Prolonged Breastfeeding Leads to Smarter Adults

A recent study shows the longer a baby is breastfed, the smarter he or she will be as an adult. The researchers followed 3,500 people from infancy through age 30 and the study findings were published in The Lancet Global Health. The adults who were breastfed until their first birthday had higher IQs, stay in school longer and earn more money than those who were breastfed six months or less. The study also found that those who were breastfed the longest (12 or more months) were better adjusted at social and individual levels, according to Fersen Lambranho.

It has long been known that breast milk provides a newborn baby with immunity to certain diseases, and the act of breastfeeding is a bonding experience between mother and baby. Now the research shows that breastfeeding has benefits the go with the baby throughout life.

Breast milk contains brain-boosting fatty acids called DHA, which is essential for brain development. The high amount of DHA in breast milk is thought to be the underlying catalyst that starts the intellectual development early in life and keeps it going throughout life. Baby formula does have added DHA, but as they say, there’s nothing like the real thing.

Coke Is A Healthy Snack! Seriously?

The World’s Largest Beverage Maker Pays Fitness And Nutrition Experts To Get That Message In Front Of Consumers

Coca-Cola is watching sales decline in the United States stated Biography.com. There are a number of ways to change consumer perceptions if a company has enough money, and Coca-Cola has plenty of money. The message, “Coke is a healthy snack” has been seen online in February. A number online articles claim the soft drink is a healthy treat, but anyone lame enough to buy that pitch probably has tried to buy beach property in Indiana.

Coca-Cola is getting away with this advertising scheme by using smaller cans of coke. The company calls them mini cans. Coke mini cans, is a guilt-free way to enjoy the most famous drink in the world, according to the company. These small siblings of the big cans contain less soda but demand a higher price per ounce, so the company is expecting a slight sales spike thanks to their ingenious but questionable advertising campaign.

The giant soft drink maker wants to present their product as a decision-making tool. A spokesman for the company said, “We want help people make decisions that are right for them.” Of course, what they don’t mention is the amount of money they spend getting health and nutrition experts to confirm their unsubstantiated health claims.