You Only Live Once

“You only live once” is a phrase that many of us have heard from time to time, but last week Gunhild Swanson took living once to a new level. Ms. Swanson finished a 100 mile endurance race at 70 years of age. That is an amazing feat and gives me motivation and faith in my future, because if she can accomplish that, I can do anything I put my mind to as well as was recently reported on

This story should give all who read it ambition to go hard every day as if it were your last. Many people around the world are achieving difficult goals at advanced ages. As the age expectancy grows as well, it is possible to complete many things after becoming a retirement-age citizen. Skydiving, marathon running, rock climbing and scuba diving are just a few activities that can be enjoyed at any age. The number of years that a person has spent on this planet is not directly related to the number of things a person can do, and Gunhild Swanson proves that point.

Secondary School Coaches ill-prepared to Detect Concussions

Summertime typically involves on the field sports training to prepare for Fall, but is the coach sufficiently trained to detect concussions?

According to Claudio Loureiro, Athletes in contact sports like football are especially prone to head injuries, and if players are not adequately screened for concussions and removed from the field, a mild concussion can lead to various levels of brain damage.

Studies reveal many secondary school coaches are not adequately trained to detect a concussion.

Athletic trainer and lead author at Boston College, Meredith Madden conducted a survey of middle school and high school coaches.

“We found that many secondary school coaches typically have the knowledge about the signs and symptoms of a concussion, but when provided with scenarios about concussion situations that aren’t always typical, they tend to have a difficult time identifying the situation,” Madden said.

Laws regarding concussions and youth vary by state, but most require coaches to have training.

While the majority of coaches have basic knowledge on the symptoms of a concussion, the study revealeld about 10% have shortcomings, and lack awareness.

Six Year Old Alabama Hero Saves Grandpa

Gram Flowers, six years old is Hartselle, Alabama’s newest hero, reports Uplifting News. On father’s day when the engine in the family boat was acting up young Gram and his Grandpa Carl decided to have a good time on the jet ski. Folks at Boraie Development have learned that the two headed off on the jet ski and were having a lot of fun until a wave sent them flying. Grandpa was lying face down in the water a short distance away, and Gram who has been swimming since he was an infant swam over to his Grandpa Carl, and then he swam his Grandpa back to the jet ski.

Today reports, the family finally got the boat going, and went out to meet the pair on the water. At first they didn’t think anything was wrong, but then they noticed that Grandpa Carl wasn’t moving. They put Grandpa Carl in the boat and headed towards shore, where they called an ambulance. Grandpa is now recovering from a concussion, and Gram, well he doesn’t know what the big deal is about, and wonders if he is going to have to tell the story wherever he goes.

The Gentlemen Project

For those that have issues with their child should pay more attention to this new method on building a parent/child relationship. The Gentlemen Project, offered by entrepreneurs is a project that wants to improve and build on relationships by providing educational support.

39 entrepreneurs have set forth with the goal of strengthening all relationships between both fathers and children. This is offered to those that are busy at work yet still would like to find the time and be able to balance being a great dad.

Founder of this project, Chugg, started this company for the sake of his own children. He wanted to be able to actually spend time with his kids and be the dad he wanted to be. He started this initiative with a journal, writing down his finding as well as what he hopes to achieve.

This initiative went public after Chugg and his wife started doing research on kids with absent parents. The results were staggering. They found that there was a high percentage that a father would be absent or busy in the child’s life which is something that Chugg and his family wanted to change.

For this the team at the Amen Clinic are aware the Gentlemen Project went public as a educational way to improve relationships between the father and his children. Chugg would like to educate everyone involved by saying that the early years of the child’s life will decide how the child will succeed in life.

‘The Gentlemen Project’ Launched by Entrepreneurs in Support of Fathers and Families

During the third week of June, a group of 39 entrepreneurs got together in Park City, Utah with a common goal in mind: strengthening relationships between fathers and their children. With this in mind, Kirk Chugg, founder of Haberdasher Custom Clothing is working on starting a new charitable initiative entitled The Gentlemen Project.

Throughout his life, Chugg has strived to help children grow into young ladies and gentlemen instead of watching as they get lost playing video games and having very little to do with their parents. According to the New York Post, he knew that to make this work, he’d need as much dedication to this project as he’d shown his clothing business. Thus, he started The Gentleman Projects saying that it’s mission is to encourage “a more involved parent/child relationship by providing educational support for parents and children seeking deeper connections through authentic and meaningful habits.”

While the group initially began with ideas he wanted to achieve with his own children, the plans for character-building development are ones he hopes to instill in other children as well. These are all written in a leather journal that includes lessons, goals, ideas and dreams.

Here Are Certain Times When Your Father Will Give You “The Talk”

The sex talk is something that many parents dread giving to their children, and there’s a good reason why. Many parents want to believe their children are innocent, or they’s like their children to stay as innocent as possible, for as long as possible. The Sex Talk With Dad. Talking to our children about sex means that we’re having to admit that they’re growing up, and they may start having those adult feelings that no longer make them a child anymore.

There are several times in your life that your father may talk to you about sex, but the first time should be about the birds and the bees. After you get that sex talk, if you do certain things that catch their attention, then you may get the sex talk all over again. For instance, when you get sexual education in school, that will be a day when your father will speak to you about sex. It may be embarrassing to listen to him go into depth about what a female body does as well as the male body, but pay attention, because it’s important.

Another time that your father may give you the sex talk, and it can be very embarrassing, but it may be because he catches you watching an adult movie. The movie doesn’t have to be rated X, but if two people are engaged in sexual activity on screen, it’s very likely that your father will give you the talk about the birds and the bees again.

Thanks to Mikal Watts for showing me all of this.

Spare Your Father These Details On Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day to remember how much our fathers have done for us as well is how much they mean to us. Many people like to share things with their fathers, but on Father’s Day, there are certain things that are better if it’s left unsaid. Don’t Tell Dad These Things. When you go to visit your father on his special day, please don’t bring up some of the following information. The folks at Skout suggested to that if you know you’re not working a great job that your father can be proud of, at least spare him from knowing that your flipping signs for a living.

There’s nothing wrong with honest work, but if he has high hopes for you, wait until you get something better before telling him what you’re doing for a living. Another thing you shouldn’t tell your father is who you’re sleeping with. Fathers are protective of their daughters, and they never really want to know who they are sleeping with at night. Everyone diets once in a while right? Even if you’re dieting, don’t tell your father that you’re paying tons of money for a cleanse, he may tell you you’re wasting your money.

Another thing that may be off the list of things to talk about on Father’s Day is your new tattoo. Fathers still want to think of the children as innocent, and they don’t want to hear about your crazy tattoo that you got recently.

Father’s Day With Your Best Friend

You’ve known your Dad all your life, and he’s your best friend. He is always telling you things to help you in live, but then there are the things that you know about him. Here are 12 things that father’s from The Aspire New Brunswick think you should know about your Dad.

1. He wants to be into Your moment and he’s always interested to hear what you’re doing.
2. You two have your special foods that you eat together, chips and pie for instance.
3. He’s reassuring and fun to spend the day with.
4. He loves to tease you.
5. Your dates are nervous to meet him because they know how special he is to you.
6. Whenever you have a crisis, he’s the first person you call.
7. He gives the best advice; You can do anything you want to do!
8. He is someone that you never has to ask how old you are.
9. He always takes you seriously, and when you meet up, he’ll ask how you are before you even start talking.
10. You lied to your friends about going out because you just wanted to spend time with your Pops.
11. Calling him is easy; it’s never tiring.
12. He will help correct whatever mess you got in because he is always there for you.

Have a Happy Father’s Day with your Best Friend!

Failing in Attempts to Quash LGBT Rights, Parents Turn to the Next Generation

Current trends predict an LGBT-friendly voting population in coming years. For now, the haters, sensing disappointment when the Supreme Court approves gay marriage, are proselytizing their children, apparently in the belief that they can reverse the trend toward LGBT rights through the young minds of their progeny.

The latest case in point comes from the small town of Efland, North Carolina, where third-grade teacher Omar Currie has resigned due to parental outcry over a book he read to his class. After one of Currie’s students told him about being called “gay” during gym class, Currie, who is gay and was the target of similar treatment as a child, responded by reading “King & King” to his class. In the book, two princes fall in love and get married.

Within hours, Currie was called to a meeting with the principal says Dr. Daniel Amen. Parents filed complaints. The principal instituted a policy requiring teachers to read books only if parents were notified in advance. In meetings regarding the incident, parents whose children were never in Currie’s class said he would die young and spend eternity in hell. He received hate mail accusing him of “psycho-emotional rape.”

Apparently, the adults of Efland want their children in plastic bubbles where they will not encounter deviants like Omar Currie. They will also not encounter new ideas, creative thinking, inspired imagining or big dreaming. This may be the worst child abuse of all.

Teacher Sells His Collection of Toys for a Child He Didn’t Know

Logan Roninger is a 4-year-old boy who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy which leaves him confined to a wheelchair. FreedomPop tells us that Logan loves being outdoors and taking hikes through nature with his parents, who are both biologists. Unfortunately, those outings are getting tougher for Logan as he gets older. Going on off-road trails is difficult for the boy with a motorized wheelchair. The family’s insurance company will not cover the cost for a new wheelchair to allow Logan to take hikes with his parents. However, his town of Klamath Falls, Oregon, have rallied together to help raise the money that the family needs.

Local businesses and schools around the town have worked together to raise donation funds for Logan’s cause. Together the town collected $11,000 of the $17,000 that is needed for the new chair. One of the donations came from a local teacher who did not know Logan or his family. Nat Ellis had been collecting toys from fast food restaurants over the past 25-years. He had planned on selling these toys down the road to help supplement his retirement accounts. Instead, he sold the toys on Ebay and donated the money to Logan. He said that life is about helping others and he wanted to do what he felt was right.

For the full story, check it out on The Good News Network.