Eliminating Mistakes That Hurt The Quality Of Photos

Many people love photos. They love to take photos, share photos, and display photos. However, some people have a major problem regarding the photos that they take, the photos do not look great. The photos tend to lack aspects that make the photos stand out and look special. For people who are looking for ways to improve their photos, there are a variety of things that can be done to make photos look better. One of the best ways to improve the way photos look is to stop making common mistakes while taking photos.

With the technology innovations on About.me that have occurred over the past decade, taking photos has become much easier. The technology behind mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has made taking photos a point and click task. Many of the traditional things that people had to learn concerning taking photos has been lost in the transition from older camera technology to newer digital technology.

The technology that allows mobile devices to use camera features that are integrated into the mobile devices is much more advanced than the technology used with cameras from a few decades ago. With mobile devices on adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.webs.com, photos are ready to be used almost the instant the photos are taken. There is no need to have to send photos to anyone to have photos developed.

The digital photos made with mobile devices are ready for use immediately. Therefore, with the point and click ease of camera features on mobile devices and the immediate access to photos, people have lost a certain amount of training that had to be learned to take photos with traditional cameras.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a well known photographer who has been helping people improve the photos that they take for many years. Recently he provided several common mistakes that people should avoid when taking photos.

Some of these mistakes include:

1. The majority of the pictures are taken while traveling
2. The person taken the picture is not close enough.
3. HDR is excessive.
4. There is no topic.
5. People take too many pictures.
6. The level of black and white is not correct.
7. Photographs are not consistent.
8. The shots are not sharp enough.
9. The colors are too strong.
10. The composition is not correct.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is an executive who has made a name for himself in the Panama business community. He is respected in business circles for the wealth of business experience and knowledge that he has obtained through the years. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa shares his experience and knowledge with various companies in Panama where he serves in executive positions.

In addition to the executive business positions that he holds in Panama, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a leader in the Panama community where he helps people of all ages better their lives.

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Building Information Base in Wikipedia

It is important for individuals and businesses to make a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia page helps in improving online reputation. When a person creates a page on Wikipedia then they can edit the post. This means if by any chance there is an inaccurate information about a business or the individual who created the post, they can go the Wikipedia and make edits so that the information that is online can be accurate. The individual and business that wish to improve their online reputation via Wikipedia must, however, adhere to its strict regulation, as well know what it permit and what it prohibit in order to maintain the rights of their page. Through the creation of the Wikipedia page individuals and businesses can improve their online reputation over time because so many people turn to the Wikipedia page for information. This means that people will be able to build good judgment call about their business or about personal brand.

Businesses can benefit from Wikipedia pages because it adds more credibility on brands and online persona for individuals. For example, a business that can increase sales both online and physical location because of the online presence created. Since creating and editing Wikipedia can time consuming and hard work business and individual can seek the services of experienced Wikipedia editors at Get Your Wiki. They understand the importance of writing quality Wikipedia pages that are impressive, their Wikipedia services are dedicated to improving online reputation.

It is important for individuals and business to get it right on their Wikipedia pages through hiring and consulting with dedicated Wikipedia experts who offers professional Wikipedia edits. Monitoring Wikipedia pages are important this is where Wikipedia editors come in handy. The non-making organization has continued to allow individuals and organizations edit their Wikipedia pages so as to offer up-to-date and accurate information. In the year 2016, there were several Wikipedia edits, which includes pages related to the US elections. This is according to Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia page that had the most edit was Death Wiki page. The number of high-profile individuals who have passed on in 2016 includes Mohamed Ali, Fidel Castro, and Prince amongst others. The page had a total of 18, 230 edits thus making it the most edited Wikipedia page.

According to Wikipedia the number of the people using Wikipedia and wish to provide free knowledge and reveals topic outside of the public scope have increased. For example, the Bailando 2015 an Argentinian based dance show that gives information about where dancers compete managed to be one of the top 10. Wikipedia stated that the most contribution was made by the student because they know the value of the Wikipedia community. Wikipedia has done a lot to safeguard facts online by allowing people to provide accurate information.

Bookmakers are getting nervous for the final college football bowl games

Sportsbooks become increasing busy during the college bowl season including the upcoming major bowls involving the higher ranked teams. Covers.com does in depth analysis on each of the 40 games as they gather information from a good many of the Las Vegas bookmakers. Each year some of the bowl games will make bookmakers more nervous than others since the betting action is coming in on only one of the two teams, which is not typical for NCAAF odds. One reason is that some of the sports bars will affiliate themselves with one team. For example, the Tap House is known for their pizza and their patron’s allegiance to the Cleveland Browns and Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Cotton Bowl held on Monday, 2 January matches up the undefeated 12th ranked Western Michigan Broncos against the 8th ranked Wisconsin Badgers at the A&T Arlington Stadium. Per the director of the Golden Nugget Tony Miller, Badger fans congregate at their doorstep on Fremont Street and have inundated the book with bets on a Badger victory. Miller noted that the original college football odds were set at -7.5 and has even increased to -8, yet the ticket count is running at for every 11 bets that 10 are laying their funds down on a Badger victory. In a covers.com article, Miller noted that he was concerned that the Golden Nugget may take on a significant loss because the Badger fans are not hesitating to lay the eight points even with the opportunity to take a wager from a another book that the Golden Nugget competes against that set their college football odds at -7.5.

Other bookmakers have not figured out which of the remaining games could potentially create a loss because a good many of the bigger betters do not place their wagers until the date of the game. Nick Bogdanovich, Director of Trading for William Hill US, stated that he is concerned due to the fact that he has not been able to predict which of the College Football Playoff semifinal teams will see an increase in support. Bogdanovich is reserved to the fact that it will happen again in this year’s playoffs, but has not seen a pattern as of yet.

Handy Inc. Cleaning App is Like Remote Control For City Dwellers

Wouldn’t you like to have a remote control for cleaning your apartment or condominium? After a long day, you return exhausted and grab the remote control to run your stereo, television and entertainment system. Handy Inc. developed a mobile app back in 2014 to help its customers get the help they need, quickly.

“Great for Home Owners”

From 2012 to 2014, Handy Inc. has been growing. Handy chief operating officer Umang Dua stated “[w]e’ve gone from about $3 million in run rate to $52 million in run rate.” In 2014, this on-demand home cleaning firm hit the all-important $1 million in bookings per week level.

It takes only about 60 seconds for home owners to book Handy Inc. to clean their dwellings. With the mobile app, customers can set up cleaning services at their leisure. They might do it from their gym or work. It is so nice-and-easy.

“Great for Cleaners”

During the holidays, professional cleaners might want to earn some more money. Handy Inc. is great for them, they can review bookings and get the work, they need. Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan states that his contractors “say [the app] is like an ATM machine in your pocket.” The professional cleaners are all thoroughly vetted with background checks.

“Everyone Wins With Handy”

The firm continues to evolve and give its customers, exactly what they want. They understand the simple maxim of successful businesses: “provide a service that your customers want and need.” Workers can pick their own hours and customers can book their own hours.

Handy.com on-demand home cleaning is leading the industry. Its superior branding has helped customers to become comfortable with the process. The firm is in 28 markets and ready to take the turn towards profitability, depending on its solid customer base.


Versatility And Options With Fitness Brand Fabletics

Women who are trying to incorporate more fitness into their lifestyles have less time for other things, like shopping for their fitness gear. To make room for a sixty minute exercise class several times a week is the better choice, but can leave less time for essential wardrobe updates. Fabletics is making it easy for people to streamline their active lifestyles, leaving more room for healthy choices.


Fabletics is a fitness and activewear brand, available online with Kate Hudson at the helm. There are many different cute and stylish choices for running, spinning, yoga, dance, and more. These pieces can be worn for almost any type of work out. The pieces can be purchased separately, or as outfits to make coordinating easier. The price points on these pieces are exceptionally low for the high quality that they are. Though the website can be shopped as a traditional retail website, there is a feature that makes the brand better than the rest, and that is the VIP membership.


The VIP membership allows members to sign up and spend approximately fifty dollars a month at the same time per month. This is a great way to remind active women to update their wardrobes so they have enough to wear during their workouts. The VIP members take a style quiz when they sign up and the style generator offers up pieces chosen especially for them based on their style once per month. VIP members are offered a lower price on the pieces so they can choose even more than one outfit. For that price, it is possible to buy 1/2 a pair of leggings of a comparable quality at many athletic wear stores.


The pieces are also really easy to mix and match as the same group of designers puts out new pieces each season. A top from December may work well with a great bottom piece in April, and the style matching variations and endless. These pieces become even more affordable with the amount of wear they offer. If a piece can be worn to yoga, to lunch, to the smoothie shop and out to get a pedicure it becomes more versatile and affordable. Some pieces also work well with jeans and even heels, making is possible for a woman to go from barre to the grocery store to the office without skipping a beat.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Handy The Excellent Solution To Home Cleaning And Maintenance

When home cleaning becomes a tough bone to chew the solution is just a tap on your phone. Handy (https://www.handy.com/) cleaning company is just a phone tap, and all the worries are sorted. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua founded the New York based company which has made the home cleaning chore get easier than anyone could have thought. Getting a home cleaner, plumber or a handyman one just needs a smartphone. Hanrahan calls Handybook the best digital space of home maintenance it’s very similar to Uber from the way one orders for services to how the services are dispensed to the clients. The same way Uber handles aspects such as scheduling and payment Handy does the same with domestic cleaning services.

As a brand, the Handy cleaning services company has grown tremendously and has had a capacity of raising over 12 million USD in a span of two years. Under the leadership of Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners doesn’t provide the exact number but they have recorded a 60% increment on sales every month in three months consequently. In every month the company can handle efficiently over 10000 jobs to completion. Handy operations as at now are basically athirteen cities and are set to establish four new offices in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. Handy has acquired a cleaning business company that’s based in West Coast, but the amount at which it was bought is undisclosed. The acquisition of the company will go a long way to increasing the number of clients handy serves.

The reliability and convenience of services provided by Handy have made it get increasing orders for the services. Most of the cleaning companies in the world have complicated avenues to get their services when you mostly need them, but with the Handy mobile application, it’s easy. Handy cleaners are dedicated to the work they do, and they have a lot of passion for work, their remuneration is also good with the good work conditions they have they never do a shoddy job.


Don Ressler and JustFab Are Growing With Both Fashion And Technology

The secret to succeeding both in business and the fashion industry? Be adaptable. This is even more true when involving technology. Once considered just a tool suitable for use in limited fields, any number of technology types now dictates not only when and how we make purchases, but influences the types of purchases made as well.

Don Ressler certainly understands this. An entrepreneur who fully realizes the relationship between health, style, and the internet, Don Ressler was at the forefront of starting businesses that played with the preoccupation both of self and saving money. Ressler got his start in the early 21st century, with a company called FitnessHeaven.com. The now defunct company offered users expert advice in the form of articles covering topics on exercise, nutrition, health, diets, sports, and relationships and family. Videos were also featured with professional trainers offering tips. In 2001, Ressler sold Fitnessheaven.com to Intermix Media, creators of MySpace, and went to work for the company. During this time, Don Ressler became professionally and personally friendly with Intermix Media COO Adam Goldenberg, co- founding dot.com company Alena Media. At the time of Intermix’s sale in 2005 to News Corp, only Alena Media was making a profit for the company.

Frustrated with the direction Intermix Media’s new owners wanted to take it in, Ressler and Goldenberg left the company and co-founded Brand Ideas, an online marketing firm in 2006. That company morphed into an online health and beauty company called Intelligent Beauty with Ressler being instrumental in the development and marketing of one of the company’s biggest sellers, the skin care line called Hydroderm. In 2010, the company began offering affordable designer clothing under the brand name JustFab.

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JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

JustFab was funded by profits from Intelligent Beauty, in addition to funding provided by Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and Technology Crossover Ventures for a total of $109,000,000. The funding was used to start a company offering “cutting edge” handbags, shoes, and other accessories created by both established and new designers. Customers paid a monthly “subscription fee” for which they received products every thirty days. In 2013, actress Kate Hudson lent her endorsement and image to Fabletics, a line of athletic wear.

While both JustFab and Fabletics proved quite popular, styles and sizes of offered products were limited. In 2016, JustFab officially announced that both its and Fabletic’s products would become “all-inclusive”. The company launched a “#FABForAll” Twitter campaign to promote this, along with a Fashions For All website marketing launch for its larger sizes. “We truly believe that all women should feel confident in what they wear. We are thrilled to introduce JustFab’s #FABforAll to offer more women on-trend styles in the sizes they want. Everybody deserves to look and feel good in what they are wearing,” said Ressler in a press release. Shortly before this it was announced that JustFab and Fabletics would be produced under the TechStyle brand. The company name change was made to reflect the merging of technology and fashion retail, and like his company, Ressler is both growing and adapting to ensure quality products and profit well into the future.

ClassDojo Has Raised Multi-million Capitals to Expand Parent-Teacher Association

The Funds are to be used to Design the Tool that will Help Parents Oversee their Kid’s School Development and Behavior

ClassDojo has raised funds in subsequent technology venture to assist teachers, students, and parents to connect effectively. The venture is aimed to improve parents-teachers communication about students’ behavioral and social development as well as the activities of the students at the school. Constant communication will guarantee parents acquaintance of the schooling experience of their children and how they behave at school. This means that parents will not be astonished by any unexpected apprehensive teacher-parent meeting.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the co-founders of the company. They claim that ClassDojo achieved twenty-one million dollars that will be used as capital to expand their team and discover the type of features and content that can be functional to the parent. This capital donation was led by the SignalFire, General Catalyst, Reach Capital, and the GSV. Chaudhary claimed that the design is to assist parents to direct home communication and enhance and support the school development of their kids. Teachers will also employ ClassDojo to arrange for the daily students’ activities. The teacher can use the ClassDojo app to take pictures or videos and send them to parents showing off the learners’ activity participation or latest work.

About the ClassDojo

The ClassDojo developers perceived the ability to create an education technology that digitized the education curriculum, the grading system, and the testing platforms during its inauguration in 2011. They thought of a free and simple app that would generate the community culture among parents, teachers, and students. The co-founders faced a huge challenge from other education technology companies like the Nearpod, Kickboard, Remind, and FreshGrade who also had the same objectives of keeping parents and the school connected. ClassDojo concentrates on presenting its app to more teachers even though the startup has not gained much revenue. The app is also intended to incorporate transactional features to allow parents pay school fees, field trip charges, lunches, and other supplies. They can pay through cash or cheques and then tuck them in their kids’ backpack.

ClassDojo is actively utilized by thousands of teachers across the United States. They range from charter and private schools to the leading American public schools. Most teachers utilize the app to teach in kindergarten all the way through the eighth-grade classes. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don consider creating a premium app that will present higher privacy that can be paid for by the parents.

Norka Martinez Luque and Her Life as a Professional Musician

Making a name for yourself as an artist can be quite challenging. Budding artists who do not have personal connections or extensive resumes find this process long and tiresome. In fact, many aspiring artists give up along the way. However, the Venezuelan songbird Norka Martinez Luque is here to remind all the aspiring musicians out there never to give up.

Her story acts as motivation and inspiration to different upcoming song artists in the world. This Latin beauty mostly does songs that carry a strong message of hope to inspire her audience. Her major hit, “Milagro” tells the listener to keep on pushing no matter the challenges that life throws at them.

While, most Venezuelan artists are only famous in Spanish-speaking nations, some enjoy international recognition. Shakira and Jenifer Lopez are good examples of Latin musicians who took the mainstream music scene by storm. Their songs received massive airplay in different nations around the world.

Ms. Martinez has also made a name for herself in the international music scene. Her songs have garnered quite a huge a following in the international music scene. Her widely successful hit “Milagro” was played on major radio stations, TVs and clubs in the United States. This song also featured on major USA music charts where it held top spots for several weeks.

Luque thanks the Grammy Award-winning producer Emilio Estefan for the fame she is currently enjoying. Mr. Estefan discovered Norka Luque while she was still in the streets performing at nightclubs to gain the attention of the masses. He took her under his wings, signed her to his record label and channeled her towards greatness.

With the help of Mr. Estefan, Luque was able to release her first album in 2011. The album contained three hit songs (“As You Do It,” “Milagro” and “Tomorrowland”). Other Latin music professionals such as Luigi Giraldo, Hermanos Gaitán, and Archie Pena also worked on the album to ensure that it was a success.

Mr. Martinez is also thankful to her parents for the unconditional support that they have accorded her from the beginning. From her childhood, her parents believed in her musical talent and even encouraged her to take dance, instrument and singing lessons. Luque has also expressed her gratitude to her fans who have supported her since day one. She says that if not for their support, she couldn’t have been who she is today.

The Successful Life and Career of Dr. Jennifer Walden


Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the few women who has made a significant impact in the cosmetic surgery field. Her brilliance as a plastic surgeon has been recognized by various parties such as Harper’s Bazaar magazine, which named her in its list of 24 Best Surgeons. She has also managed to gain favor from the media. This has made her a common figure in top magazines and television programs.


Jennifer attributes her successful career and life to the support she received from her family. Her parents emphasized the need and value of attaining academic excellence. She also has great respect for her mother, who she refers to as her hero. Being a mother of two and a career woman, she is marveled by how her mother handled a family of five children.


Jennifer Walden is an embodiment of a person who has it all when it comes to attaining a successful career and having a good family. However, this has not blinded her to the challenges faced by other women in society. As so, she continuously inspires young women to pursue careers in business and medicine with determination and confidence.


Jennifer Walden


Jennifer Walden name is preceded by her reputation in the plastic surgery industry. Apart from being a plastic surgeon, she is an academic, media commentator as well as founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center PLLC and the Jennifer L. Walden, MD., PLLC. Her career kick-started while working in Manhattan, specifically at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. During this period, Jennifer underwent proper mentorship under Dr. Sherrell Aston. Since her career breakthrough, she has received enormous recognition including being listed among Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014.


Dr. Walden has featured as a commentator on plastic surgery matters on Dr. 90210, Fox News, ABC News, E! and VH1 among many other media platforms. She is an alumnus of the University of Texas where she obtained her undergraduate degree in biology. After completing her undergraduate course, she joined the University of Texas Medical Branch. Walden is a member of various bodies including the Modern Aesthetics’ as well as Plastic Surgery Practice’s Board of Directors. Further, she prides herself as one of the few female personalities to serve on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.