Jon Urbana And His Environmental Awareness Projects

Earth Force is a very well-known company that tries to help young adults to actively participate in the improvement of their local environment. The nonprofit is a group that focuses on the natural beauty of the earth, and it promotes love and respect for nature and for the planet. This is an organization that is based out of Denver, Colorado and it works to promote a cleaner environment now and also in the future.

This organization is receiving aid from Jon Urbana. You may have heard his name before, especially if you have kids. And if those kids happen to play lacrosse, there’s no doubt you know who he is. Urbana is the co-founder of a very well known lacrosse camp in Colorado.

Jon has been actively working on Facebook with young adults in order for them to receive summer lacrosse training, and also he is currently collaborating with Earth Force Inc. in a joint video effort seen here.

Together they want to be able to leverage Jon’s Twitter page to get many of the youths that are involved in this summer program to put their energy and their time into taking care of the natural environment and into making the earth a cleaner more beautiful planet. We’ve already witnessed a tremendous respond on Instagram, with plenty of photos, likes, and shares to accompany Urbana’s Imgur albums.

Originally reported by, Jon Urbana has gone through Go-Fund-me in order to start a campaign to raise $1750 for Earth Force. Using his status as a popular music artist, you’ll also find a plea for donations on Jon Urbana’s MTV bio.

When individuals decide to contribute to Earth Force, they are able to directly make an impact on our environment, and they can show their commitment to a healthier and greener planet by engaging in activities that clean up the earth. A few pictures of Urbana and his campers in action were shared to his WordPress blog last week.

Apart from Earth Force, the resume of Jon Urbana has proven that he is an individual who truly believes in improving the world to make it a better and healthier place to live. He’s always encouraged people to send him a direct email by visiting his website (

Aside from this Earth Force drive, Urbana also started a funding campaign for ARAS as well.

Jon is very active on many social media platforms. Here’s a list of more places you can connect with him:
Amazon profile

Urbana has used his experience as an FAA-recognized pilot to turn to crowdfunding in order to benefit different charitable causes, and Go Fund Me has become a wonderful platform to create awareness about the true environmental issues that are affecting individuals, and the youth that are involved in maintaining a cleaner earth.

George Soros | Philanthropist and Activist for Humanity

George Soros is a leader of the people on What people? Who is his tribe? Immigrants and asylum-seekers. He is the chairman of Open Society. This is a philanthropic organization which has programs and projects in more than 100 countries. This is the most unique program based on philanthropy that has ever been seen and George Soros is passionate about it. He wants to expand even further throughout the world until the influence of his beliefs are felt on every corner of the planet. George Soros on discoverthenetworks, wants each person and culture to have their rights respected, their news to be free without the monopoly being kept by any group of people or corporation and their governments to be held accountable.

George Soros works tirelessly to fight for and support democratic ideals and he has done so for 3 years. He has expressed his disdain in the European Union and the lack of support for asylum seekers in all countries. He knows how they are supposed to be taken in and what they are to be given and yet the European Union has failed to do so time and again. George Soros in a firm believer that the asylum system must be rebuilt. If it succeeds in this; it will put an end to much unnecessary suffering by people that have suffered too much already.

The Syrian exodus is a prime example of that very failure. Soros contends that it shouldn’t have been a crisis. It could have been easily dispersed by the European Union.The bottom line according to Soros is; the European Union has to come up with a fair and workable asylum policy that puts an end to unnecessary suffering.

Yeon-mi Park, the Human Rights Activist

It is no secret that there is tension between North and Korea and the rest of the world. From nuclear threats to total isolation, it is hard to grasp what is truly going on inside the borders of North Korea. North Korea has had a violent history and even now, despite being a small country, has the fifth largest military in the world. Despite the complete isolation from the world, several brave refugees have escaped the North Korean border to tell the world what North Korea is really like. 

One North Korean defector is named Yeon-mi Park. Ms. Park is only 21 years old, yet has made a huge impact in the world of human rights. Ms. Park is a brave person to speak out against this repressive and secretive regime that has spent much money in silencing many North Korean defectors. Yeon-mi Park is an example of the North Korean defectors that are now strong leaders in the human rights movement. One example is Park Sang-hak who sent helium balloons with anti-regime pamphlets over the border. 

The many North Korean defectors that are crossing the border each year are growing in number. It has even become of the government’s major budgets to compromise defectors and witnesses who speak out against the regime. 

The UN has reacted to North Korea by stating that the country has documented crimes against humanity. This report that has been made by the UN has even been pushed to be reviewed on the International Criminal Court. The review that was created by the UN is based upon 300 testimonies that were given by North Korean defectors. 

Yeon-mi, despite being so young, has spoken out the most against the crimes that have been committed by North Korea. Yeon-mi recounts her sad story of how she escaped the regime. At a young age, Yeon-mi’s father was put into a labor camp for the charge that he was selling metals to China. Before, Yeon-mi and her family were well-respected in North Korea, but after her and her mother were left starving within the country. 

To leave the country was a matter of life and death for Yeon-mi and her mother. At the age of 13, Ms. Park escaped across the border and into China. It was not long after that her and her mother were sold into human trafficking. This is a hard story that Yeon-mi shares, yet it is a vital story that is recounted that makes millions of citizens learn of the true horrors that have been enacted in North Korea. 

The repressive regime that has been installed in North Korea is an example of the failure of the failure of checks and balances. The idea of liberal citizenship must be enacted in order to stop more and more of these stories from being told. Yeon-mi Park, despite being the young age of 21, has been able to help work with human rights activists to aid the escape of thousands of refugees from North Korea each year.

Matt Landis Received Much Recognition For His Great Performances

matt landis locker room

PRNewswire, one of the best and most trusted sources of sports information, recently reported that college athlete Matt Landis is receiving much recognition for his amazing on the field performances. As the 2015 NCAA Lacrosse season gradually ended, many accolades that acknowledged key players were awarded among the league.

The renowned Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse Team includes many strategic players such as Adam Goins, Christ Carter, Drew Schantz, William Young, Nick Stinn, Jordan Walter, Bobby Gray, Garrett Epple, Jack Beare, Brendan Collins, Shane Doss, Austin Gaiss, Robert Collins, and Liam Kennedy. Remarkably, in the spring of 2015, Matt Landis received four distinguished awards for the 2014-2015 Lacrosse season.

Matt Landis’ Collection of Awards from May 2015
-He received the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year for his performances that led the Notre Dame team to the ACC championship.
-He obtained a nomination for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award.
-He was the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week for leading his team to 14-10 victory against the University at Albany Men’s Lacrosse team.
-As the NCAA Lacrosse season completed, he greatly contributed to seven players receiving the All-American title.
-Lastly, Landis was name the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Player of the Year for his remarkable defense in men’s college Lacrosse.

About Matt Landis

matt landis about
After graduating with stellar grades from the Pelham Memorial High School, Landis decided to enroll at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. While strategically balancing a part-time job and Lacrosse team commitments, he maintains an impressive 3.6 GPA. In the summer of 2014, he was presented with the opportunity to work as an intern at The Riverside Company in New York. As a senior, Landis’ former performances show much promise for the Notre Dame Lacrosse.

Nobilis Health Leads The Ambulatory Surgical Center Industry

What is it that makes a company become a household name? Why are some brands more popular than others? What is the edge that’s needed to be called an industry leader? The answer to these and similar questions is innovation! The power to transform with the times and to provide cutting-edge technology and solutions to the myriad of human problems and challenges. These are what the Nobilis Health brand offers to its thousands of patients. Nobilis Health is not just a provider of fantastic health care; it is a market leader in the continuous advancement of ambulatory surgical centers and modern surgical procedures.

Nobilis Health has saved countless people a lot of time and money, which would have been spent on expensive and time-consuming surgical processes and convalescence in hospital wards. Applying cutting edge technology, Nobilis Health experts now have the facilities to resolve serious health issues at a lower cost, mostly in a single day, and in an easily accessible fashion. The development and application of short-acting anesthetics through closed techniques and even newer procedures like Arthroscopy and its like have made life more fulfilling for these patients.

Outpatient surgical services are becoming more accepted and popular, not just because of the quick turnaround time, but mostly because of the accessibility it affords those seeking quick surgical procedures. With the new Affordable Care Act in the USA mandating all its citizens to get medically insured, outpatient surgical centers, such as those run by Nobilis Health former NorthStar; will become vital in the new system.

As a prominent leader in the ambulatory surgical center industry, Nobilis Health is proud to be a part of an industry that employs well over 100,000 full-time employees. Nobilis Health pays well over 5 billion dollars in taxes yearly and adds over 90 billion dollars to the economy every year. This is no easy feat, considering the stereotype of urban people who believe more in traditional hospital wards. From Houston to Arizona and several other cities, Nobilis Health’s ‘surgicenters’ have proven to be quite effective, not just in corrective surgical procedures, but as income generators to their host communities and job creators for more health workers.

Eliminating diagnostics and primary health care services gives the surgeons more time to understand a particular patient’s case and what needs to be done. This information is crucial, given the fact that the amount of time spent by a patient is mostly in pain and waiting for available surgeons in a normal hospital setting. Indeed, Nobilis Health’s processes are highly revolutionary, time-saving, and cost-effective. Surgical cases involving Gastrointestinal Scopes, Orthopedics, pain management, Podiatry, and a host of others are being solved at Nobilis Health ambulatory surgical centers on a daily basis, giving new hope to its numerous clients.

Nobilis Health has proven that where there is a need, innovation and farsightedness can create cutting edge solutions. Nobilis Health is not just for patients who seek surgical procedures, but Nobilis Health offers jobs for health care professionals, tax income for communities, good dividends for investors, and everyday opportunities to continue the advancement of medical sciences.


In the quest for fighting the world’s renowned dangerous disease Cancer, various hospitals are the quest for finding the best genomic sequencing to fight the killer disease. Various medical centers in the United States have been able to perform cancer treatments using the genomic sequencing. Such is the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey which is one the front line in researching the best solution for treating cancer. A chair in the Institute has been established and is dubbed the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. The chair consists of the elite eighteen of chairs who have excelled in higher education levels. The committee was named after New Brunswick founder and developer Omar Boraie, who pledged support to a tune of $1.5 million to the Rutgers University’s support based campaign. A donor who is not supposed to be revealed will give the same amount as Omar, which means that each participant will be endowed with $ million each.

The science of genomics has evolved with medical practitioners making precise analysis in treating cancer causing tumors genetically. The approach to treating cancer has changed from the diagnosis level up to the treatment stages. Oncologists have stepped up to provide painless therapies to fight cancer. Supporting such initiatives in the president of the United States President Obama who during the State of the Union Address launched the Precision Medicine Initiative, which will drive the fight against cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Rutgers Cancer Institute, amongst other institutes, was the first institute in the USA to utilize genomic sequencing on cancer tumors so as to find a cure. Research on genomic sequencing has inspired the writing of journals, articles and novels that have shown different therapies for the different types of cancer, which has helped in classifying the types of cancer and finding the best solutions to treat them.

Concerning NewsWise, Rutgers Cancer Institute is recognized the leading and only cancer institute in the United States as a comprehensive cancer center. The center has dedicated its resources and with the help of the supporting donors such as Omar Boraie, to detect, treat and take care of cancer patients. Doctors at the institute do translation research and even have a toll-free number and website where cancer-related issues are discussed. It comprises of flagship hospitals in the states that provide high-quality care to cancer patients. They include ocean medical center, Riverview medical center, and the JFK Medical Center among many others.

Omar Boraie, the man named after the “chair” is optimistic that his support will lure other interested people to chip in and improve the cancer research process so as to find ways of even conquering with cancer patients who have not responded to treatment. He has been involved with New Brunswick and together with people like Shridar Ganesan, have dedicated their time and resources to fight the killer disease that Mr. Ganesan describes as a collection of diseases as compared to the myth of being a single disease.

FreedomPop Offers New Promotions To The US And UK

FreedomPop has been making waves in the phone and wireless mobile market. The company is new to the UK markets, but they have been going strong for three years in the US market, and they have had some incredible results because of their efforts. The company has launched in the UK after years of attempts to launch in international markets. They expect that customers in the UK will be as receptive as those in the US, but they are still ramping up for some awesome promotions to get new customers excited. There’s even a promotion for current customers that is ongoing.

New customers in the UK have a great promotion for their first month of service. The first 10,000 customers in the UK market will find a special deal on their service where they get 1,000 minutes of talk time, 1,000 text messages and 1 GB of data. This is a great deal for their first month of free service. After the first month, these promotional customers will still receive the free plan like all the other customers. The free plan is typically 200 talking minutes, 200 text messages and 200 MB of data, so the promotional customers are going to be extra happy with their service.

The typical service is sometimes enough for people. It can also work as a supplement to boost the usage allowance a customer may have with their major service provider (whom they are bound in contracts with). FreedomPop on dailymail is also offering another amazing promotional deal that is more of the ongoing type. They are offering customers a way to get free usage. Customers in the UK and the US have the ability to get free minutes, texts and data by taking simple 10 minute surveys for marketing purposes. The free plan is a great way to save money, and this promotional offering makes FreedomPop more appealing for customers, new customer and investors in wireless.

You can head on over to the Daily Mail website. They reported this information originally, and the entire article can be found here if you are interested.

Investing With US Money Reserve


The U.S. Money Reserve was started by experts of the gold market who understood the need for a combined high-end customer service having the trusted guidance backed by expert market knowledge that is necessary for purchasing precious metals. As one of the country’s largest distributors of the United States Government issued precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum coins, The U.S. Money Reserve has the honor of working with their hundreds of thousands of clients who understand the many financial benefits and advantages that come with owning precious metals.

The U.S. Money Reserve continually strives to provide the most exceptional quality and service in the U.S. Government Issued commodities market. Through the years, clients have placed their trust in the abilities of the U.S. Money Reserve to help them decide on the best coins that bring the highest value, and with such wise purchases, their clients are in positions of high profit.

U.S. Money Reserve clients can be assured of their investment by over 100 years of experienced and knowledgeable professionals which includes Senior Gold Specialists, Compliance and Standards Department, Sales Verification staff, Coin Research Professionals, Vault and Shipping Department, Inventory Department, Business Support Development, Customer Relations Department, Industry Leading Numismatic Expert.

As a rule, whenever you are dealing with money, doing your homework especially when it comes to your own personal wealth and long term security is crucial. History shows the more work you put in, the more reward you get back.

At US Money Reserve, they believe gold is an important part of every portfolio and having hundreds of thousands of clients only proves their point.

As you begin the process of investing, the service department of US Money Reserve can help you through the process of evaluating which type of gold investment is right for you. Whether to buy coins, bullion or a combo of the two, US Money Reserve knows that everyone has a different strategy so naturally your goals and objectives will be as well.

What makes ownership of precious metals so important is its proven history of safeguarding the value of money especially during times of economic downturns. Over the past decade, gold, silver and platinum in particular have proven the ability to well outperform a variety of other asset types.

Thorny Path of Fashion School Dropout Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a Russian who dropped out of fashion school and has a psychological disorder where by her personality is inconsistent. She has used many names so that she came come into the limelight since she moved to America, but things are not working out for the way they are supposed to. Only the bad things seem to bring her out like creating a cosmetic brand Lime Crime that was controversial. She has had several stage names like Dough, Doe Deere, thunderwear, lime crime. The list is unending. When she moved to America, she married a guy who was said to be the oldest looing 25-tear-old in history. She has failed terribly in both fashion designing and art as well as being a musician. With many people not liking her so much, she is only left with thousands of haters and two friends (of course her family that cannot dump her).

Doe has been involved with different scandals from the day she started seeking fame in America. Designer Shrinkle and she began a cloth line that some people did not approve of the quality and design that they were offering while some were so happy about her products. In 2006, Doe and her friend designer couldn’t put up with her character and their friendship came to halt. It was during this time that Doe met another designer friend Supayana and came up with a brand called a little country for an urban girl.

In 2002, Doe and her husband had tried singing. For one to be a successful singer or songwriter, there is a belief that he/she must be extremely talented in order to gain influence and garner fans who can show up to his/her show. This notion is true. Doe failed to impress the crowds and was left lone in the cold, probably to sing herself and husband a lullaby. They could not even get booked by a night club for a show. Instead, she could book the club and try to perform to revelers, some liked their songs and some did not. The band was called Sky salt.

In 2008, Doe turned to cosmetic industry. Doe Deere made cosmetics called Lime Crime and were controversial because a group of people were not sure of what was used to make the bright colored make ups. Some people enjoyed using her cosmetics, the less timid ones. Lime Crime was dubbed as that which s for the young and the very strong at the heart of the female species who adore pink and other bright colors. Some of the people who used her products like lipstick really enjoyed using them and said it was easily wearable and conserved the natural texture, feel and shape of their lips. Every girl who uses lipstick wants that. Those who were dissatisfied with her products, called her names on her e-mails and even scolded her openly on social media. She then turned to issuing threats of suing anyone who she felt had offended her and injured her reputation. Doe has lived a life where people who don’t like her and her brands get to her in the worst manner possible.

Plan Ahead with FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a wireless mobile phone and Internet service provider which is based in California (Los Angeles). This company enables wireless data, text, and voice services right on Clearwire and Sprint’s network. To add to that, FreedomPop declared its plans to extend universally on Three’s network in the UK in 2015. This company enables mobile services such as free data voice and text and sells tablets, mobile phones and broadband devices which are to be used with their service provider.

FreedomPop was built by the CEOs Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols. It is backed up by Atomico, Mangrove Capital, Partech Ventures, DCM Capital, and Axiata. FreedomPop has already made $59 million in financing up until now.

This business model they came up with is the one for which Stokols claims is unique especially for the UK market. He believes that it will improve the value-added services. Stokols explained to the public how this market shift is able to provide traditional MNOs with an opportunity to reconsider their market access.

Stokols said that their business model was built by tech and also that it provided them with an advantage. He also said that some other operators had been trying to gain money from texts, voice and data and that, on the other hand, they had not succeeded in that. They go for a very particular technology which delivers value-added services.

They have all the high tech to provide the biggest alteration into dissimilar digital services.
Both Sesar and Stokols say that they fear no competitors.

When the landline engaged in going away, BT was forced to reconsider how it went after the voice and came up with a conclusion that it will not be the cash cow that had been for many years.

They are entering the market with a brand new business model. “In case you are not going to replace anything, your company is of no value, so they are going to replace the lower end of this mobile market. FreedomPop is expecting 50% of their users to never spend a penny on them. They are not trying to make money on data and voice, they are trying to gain money on the paid plans, and they are going to be somewhat cheaper unlike the rest of this market.”